How To Get Rid Of A Broken Lawn Mower

I just got this lawn mowers part of a trade. It’s got a couple issues. First one being that looks like the bolt that holds the exhaust on rattled out or it actually looked like it was bent. What’s going on there but so anyways don’t worry about that later and tips thing over.

So we’ve got an issue. The guy that I got this thing from said that he was using it without knowing if the had hit something or not. And one thing led to another and sure enough he had broken the blade off the mower. As you can see, it broke clean off.

How To Fix A Broken Lawn Mower

There’s and easy way to do this if it works. And those of you who live in an environment that is prone to rust and corrosion. This probably will not work but I’m not saying not to try. It is you really never know so sometimes you can get really lucky with these broke off bolts.

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Fixing The Bolt

First you want to start by grabbing a punch of some kind, putting it onto the bolt. Just seeing if you could move it by hand. This one doesn’t really want to move by hand. So we’ll see if we can get it out with a hammer. That seems to loosen it up.

Remove It

Now you just have to kind of find the best way to remove it. This can be a pain but trust me, it ain’t all that bad. I’ve removed ones that are a lot more difficult than this. So I’ve got a whole ton of replacement bolts in the hoard from other lawn mowers.


This should be an easy fix so I just wanted to show you guys that if one of these broke off and the threads are still in the crankshaft, try and get it out first. Because chances you need is a punch and maybe even a hammer, and as long as you get this thing lined up with a certain spot on the end of it, where it’s broken off again. Along any those ridges, they’re probably right there in the middle.

Here is a video about getting old lawn mower to run:


You can see that but just try and find the best way to use the punch and tap it. And you may want to be patient, you don’t want to lose your temper, that’s definitely.

Hope you guys successful.

How To Get Rid Of A Broken Lawn Mower