How To Cut Tall Grass Efficiently

If you were on a long vacation or you simply didn’t have the time to conduct regular lawn maintenance, chances are you already have long grass. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it. While it will indeed take more time than usual, it can also be done with relative ease. Here, we’ll discuss how to cut tall grass without having to rely on professional services.

​Using A Mower

When To Cut Grass After Overseeding1. Setting

One of the most common ways of cutting tall grass is to use a mower. A usual mower deck will have a four-inch cutting height. If you have tall grass that exceeds four inches in height, all you have to do is put the deck to its highest setting.

2. Cutting

​Regardless of the height of your grass, you must always only cut down a third of blade of the grass. Immediately cutting down more than that will lead to plant stress. Thus, the best mowing method is to keep removing a third of the grass until you’re satisfied with the results.

​As for the mowing speed, you must not operate the machine at full speed. While this might seem like a smart move, cutting your grass at a fast pace can cause stress on your mower. Instead, you should cut the grass in a slow yet steady pace.
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3. Preparing Mulching Blade​

Moreover, your mower must be equipped with mulching blades to efficiently cut tall grass. These blades are designed to avoid any lengthy grass clippings from appearing and suffocating your lawn. If your mower will only use regular blades or high-lift blades, you should at least prepare a bag for collecting all of the long grass clippings or use a lawn sweeper.

4. Caution

​Another thing to remember is that mowing the lawn should only be done when the grass is dry. Aside from being harder to cut down, wet or moist grass can cause your lawn mower to work improperly. If it rains, you have to wait until the grass looks upright and fairly dry again before cutting it with a mower.

​Using A Scythe Or Sickle

how to cut tall grass

You can utilize a scythe. It is understandable why some people are wary of using a scythe, but this tool can easily remove tall grass with each slash. Even if your grass reaches a meter in height, an Austrian scythe can cut it down.

​Of course, not everyone can find a nearby store that will sell scythes. Instead, they can get a sickle that is commonly found in local garden centers. It’s used the way you would handle a scythe, but it is much lighter and smaller in size.

​Using A String trimmer And Mower

how to cut tall grass

1. Attaching

You can also use a string trimmer before using a mower. However, we recommend that you attach the string trimmer with a plastic wire instead of a steel blade. Similar to using a mower, you should only cut down a fraction of the grass each time. The grass can easily get stuck around the string trimmer, so it’s advisable to remove any debris or grass clippings before you use it again.

2. Preparing​

Upon removing the top layer of the tall grass, you have to use the string trimmer again until you can reach the lawn section. A lawn that has not been maintained for more than a year will have grass that is not the upright position. Still, a string trimmer will work well even when the grass is bent.

3. Watering​

Eventually, the grass height will be low enough for trimming it further with a mower. Don’t forget to deeply water the lawn after the cutting operation for better recovery. After irrigating the grass, you should not do anything for a week.

​4. Trimming

After the week has passed, you must trim the lawn again with a mower. This time, you should operate the mower on the highest setting. Ensure that the lawn will be evenly cut so that grass growth will be equal on all sections of your lawn. Your lawn won’t look visually appealing after this second trimming, but it will definitely recover after two or three weeks.

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You can rely on different lawn tools to cut the tall grass in your lawn. If a mower is not enough, you can use a string trimmer first. Likewise, you have the option to use a scythe or a sickle.

We hope that you learned a lot from our guide. If you have any questions, do give us a comment.

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