How To Cut Grass Without A Lawn Mower

I’m really excited to share this post with you because it’s something a bit different to what I’ve done before and this is actually siding. So here I have an Austrian meadow side and my father and I went on a course last year about how to side and we ended up flying our own size. And the reason why we’re moving towards size is because when we use such things like streamers and the lawn mower, we have to be dependent upon fuel. But when we’re using size all we need to be dependent upon is the actual energy that we convert from our bodies.

So it’s really efficient and something called a swath is the angle or the width that you can cut, using a side. With a side like this you can get a nine-foot cut from one end to the other and that is just really effective. But why use a scythe, the reason why you will use your slide is not only to cut down on the dependence upon fossil fuels but it’s also because we can use the grass to make hay.

Lawn Care

We can also feed grass to our pigs and then we can also use a grass to mulch our vegetable gardens so we’re basically going to be covering all of that in this short post. But it’s just a bit of an introduction to show you what’s possible with siding and it might spark an idea for you thinking: yes sizing might suit me.

So I’ll just show you a little example here because we’re working in Yorkshire at the moment, been cleaning around lots of stems and you just got this nice smooth cutting motion like that. So it cuts really well you do need to sharpen it probably once every 1 to 2 minutes of siding. But sharpening is really easy and I’ll show you that now. So here I’ve been using the scythe and if you want to clean the grass before you actually sharpen it, you simply grab a load of grass that’s been cut and then you pull it across.

Here’s a scythe blade it’s quite big and then we have this thing here, the ridge and you simply use this as a guide to sharpen it. Then go on the other side and sharpen it like that so it only takes a few seconds to sharp and make sure you wear gloves when you do it, because you can get quite a nasty cut because it is basically razor sharp. The thing with using the size versus using a shimmer is that the sight is much easier to control and you can get really close up to the trunk of a tree. And you want to keep the trunk of a tree clear to avoid things like disease and for it to root so that’s why we’re going to use acai to go around the tree trunk to clear it.