How To Change A Lawn Mower Blade

Mower blades will be we worn out with use, so you have to change it ocasionally to cut the grass. Changing a lawn mower blade is not quite difficult as many people think. In fact, it’s quite simple, just need a few tools.

Things We’ll Need

  • A pair of vice grips or block of wood, something to hold the blade in place.
  • A sandwich bag if you have gas in the tent ratchet or wrench for the nut
  • A hammer
  • Wrench

How To Change A Lawn Mower Blade

blade in situ

Step 1

Take a sandwich bag right under the gasket. Screw the gas snap right over. Make sure that gas doesn’t pour when you tip it over. Double check to make sure that the gas tank is on the top.

Step 2

We’re going to disconnect the plug wire because the more we crank or turn the blade, it may actually start the motor.

Step 3

Take your pair of vice grips or your block of wood. Clamp it right down by the blades on the plate capacitor when you’re working on this to make sure that your hands aren’t in front or behind the plate. Mower blades can be heavily rusted and severely bent when you take off.

Step 4

Take the whole blade off and bring it to wherever you can get your supplies from. Just bring the old blade right with you so that you can get the right length.

Mower blades come in different lengths and the right whole configuration. Sometimes it’s a star hole, sometimes it’s just one hole in the middle. And some has the free whole configuration. They also have an indication on them says brass side out, just want to make sure you put the blade back on the right way.

Step 5

Put the screws back. It’s important to get this back on very tight. You can also check underneath the mower to see what kind of condition it is. 

Squish the vice grips around so that devices will be on the right side. Because now you’re tightening the blade, do not loosen it.

Cautions: Make sure you keep your hands not in front of the blade.

Step 6

To finish up, all we have to do is take our sandwich bag through the gas cap, reconnect the plug wire. We’re done so that’s how you change the blade on a mower.

Here is a video about How To Replace a Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower Blade:

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Changing a lawn mower blade was just some easy maintenance that needs to be done ocasionally. You’ll see how it’s rusted when taking off an old blade. This is most likely caused by not cleaning it out frequently. After each mowing, grass holds moisture and it makes mower blades rust a lot faster.

How To Change A Lawn Mower Blade