How Often To Water New Sod

Caring for brand new sod is important if you want to preserve the greenish look. Knowing how often to water new sod is essential for proper care. You also should know how to water sod after being installed for a few weeks. Let’s take a look at essential tips.

​Watering Before Installation

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New sod preparation starts before it arrives. Most installers recommend that you soak the ground to a depth of three inches. It is best that you water 24 to 48 hours before you have the delivery scheduled. Installers need to lay the sod on top of wet soil because it allows the roots to attach sooner and easier.

Watering After Installation

The day arrives, and your new sod is installed in your front yard. Run a check a few hours after installation. Make sure you walk on it. You should make deep footprints into the brand new sod. Water it heavily before leaving. The soil on the back of the sod should be wet. You can typically lift it up.

​If the ground soaked all of the water up, you would need to water the sod for at least 30 minutes. You want to soak the ground heavily.

The Days Following Installation

how often to water new sod

The work isn’t done the day after you lay new sod! It is important that you check your lawn at least once per day. If you are in the middle of a hot summer or the wind is crazy, you should check more than once each day. Don’t be afraid to walk on your lawn! You need to walk on it and inspect how it looks on a daily basis.

​There are a few things you should check for when walking on your new sod. After the first day, don’t make deep footprints. If the water is puddling in areas, that is a sign you watered too heavily. Reduce the amount of water and the frequency of watering. If the temperature dips below 60 degrees, you need to water less.

​On the other hand, sod shouldn’t be firm and dry. If you can lift a corner, you should find damp soil. Otherwise, you haven’t been watering enough! Some signs of lacking water are wilted grass, straw colored grass, and cracks between the rolls. If you notice these signs, you should water more often. When temperatures increase above 80 degrees, your sod needs to drink more water!

​Luckily, if you fail to water enough, your new sod will bounce back quickly. Within a week, your new sod should be right back to its lovely, lush green color.

​Watering New Sod For Continued Care

how often to water new sod

Watering your new sod doesn’t stop when it has been a week after installing! The soil starts to soak up the water easier and retains the water for longer. The roots start to attach firmly to the ground. However, roots won’t attach to soil that is waterlogged and have puddles everywhere.

​A week after installation, you should start to space out your watering further apart. You may want to water every other day or decrease the amount of time watering outside. There is no set time for irrigation. It depends entirely on the type of soil, the temperature and weather conditions.

​One tip to remember is that water early in the morning because it takes advantage of your grass’s normal growth cycle. Some people pick to install an automatic sprinkler system, but you do want to be careful. A lot of people over water their lawns with sprinklers.

​Ideally, your lawn will receive 1 ½ inches of water per week. That would also include the rainfall each week. You want to water once the soil is dry five inches down. Then, you should water heavily enough to five inches down. Continue this process!


Watering your new sod is a vital step for a lush and green lawn. The first two weeks are the most critical time for proper watering. If you don’t water enough, your lawn can die. If you water too much, the roots may not be able to attach to the soil underneath efficiently.

​When you are learning how often to water new sod, the key tip is that never let your new sod dry out completely! Once that happens, your sod turns brown. Remember to water the soil deeply before installation.

​Once installed, you need to ensure you watered heavily. The days following keep the soil damp, but make sure there are no puddles. Then, ensure steady watering and don’t let the soil get too dry. You will have the greenest sod on the block!

How Often To Water New Sod
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