Holiday Blues? How To Create A Vacation Vibe In Your Garden

After the onslaught of the last several years, we think that we could all do with a holiday. We all crave that feeling of stepping off a plane, getting that first burst of humid air blowing across our faces and heading to an all-inclusive five-star resort. Recreating this exact feeling can be challenging from the comfort of our own gardens; however, we can certainly try to capture that exclusive, luxury resort feel by making a few changes to our outdoor space.  


While travel is now possible and a surge in bookings means more of us are planning a holiday in 2022, you can prepare yourself and make your garden feel homely by transforming your garden. If you don’t have the money for a holiday this year, or are concerned about travelling during these still uncertain times, then keep reading. We’ll share some practical ways you can enhance your garden and turn it into a perfect space for relaxing and unwinding in. 

Create A Shaded Area

In the summer months, the heat of a UK summer can be scorching, but on colder days, the wind can be biting, and rain can make lounging outside uncomfortable. Creating a shaded area in your garden can allow you to enjoy it all year round, whatever the weather. It can also give you the feeling of being in a luxury resort, as opposed to your back garden. It’s surprisingly easy to bring that holiday feeling home using a gorgeous patio awning to transform your garden. Check out the selection of options from Nationwide Home Innovations to get the perfect one for your home.

Choose Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

When buying outdoor furniture, it’s easy to focus on durability, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can choose beautiful and comfortable items that can be stored inside when not in use to keep them safe from the elements. Consider comfortable outdoor chairs, an expansive table and even an outdoor sofa. You and your guests can then lounge around on them in comfort and feel like you’re on holiday. If you don’t have anywhere to sit and unwind, then you’ll have to keep going inside, so make sure you have enough outdoor furniture for all your friends and family before you invite them over for a relaxing celebration this summer. 

Learn To Make Your Favorite Cocktails At Home 

One of the best parts of being on holiday is the ability to enjoy a delicious cocktail whenever you like. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a refreshing beverage. Cocktails require fresh ingredients and very little equipment. You can easily get a cocktail shaker and muddler from most cooking shops, as well as some fresh fruit and liqueurs, which can be purchased from almost every supermarket. Then you can explore recipes for the mixed drinks you love and create delicious, refreshing cocktails that will make you feel like you’re on holiday all year round. 

Play Music With Outdoor Speakers

At most outdoor bars around the world, you’ll be able to enjoy great tunes throughout speakers. You can easily emulate this atmosphere at home and choose your favorite songs to play by using outdoor speakers. There are many different types of outdoor music systems to choose from, at varying price points, so check out the best outdoor speakers available currently. It’s important that you don’t use indoor speakers, as these aren’t usually waterproof or durable enough for the rigours of being left outside for hours at a time. Indoor speakers also won’t have the reach and depth of sound that outdoor speaker technology can deliver, so invest in a set of quality outdoor speakers to ensure you always enjoy your time in your garden. 

Make Sure Your Garden Is Safe For Visitors

Holidays are for sharing, so you need to make sure that your garden vacation spot is safe and comfortable for everyone you know. If your friends and family have children or pets, and want to bring them round, then check that all the plants in your garden are safe for them to touch and, potentially, eat. If they’re not, then either remove them or make sure that they are fenced off, so that no one can reach them. If the plants are large, then make sure that you check that no seeds fall on the ground outside of the fenced area, as these could be eaten by pets or small children. By making your garden safe for everyone, you can welcome the people you love the most to your outdoor oasis. 

If you have a garden, then you should work to make the most of it. These tips should help you to make the most of your outdoor space and create a vacation vibe all year round.