Get the Most Out of Your Decks and Outdoor Living Spaces

When it comes to designing your living space, usually the first thing that comes to your mind is the indoor space of your home, while the outdoors are left for last. However, during the warm seasons, we like to spend more time outside.

So, why not make the best of your porches, balconies, and yards? A little more attention can create wonders and we are happy to give you some inspirational tips to make those spaces look brand new again.

Adding more green is always good

Sprinkle potted plants, hanging planters and flower boxes around your backyard to make it look a bit whimsical. You might consider planting some trees to get some additional shade to your space. If you are impatient you could just plant Arborvitaes which are fast-growing evergreen trees.

Expand your outdoor seating area

Your small deck may be a limiting factor for hosting bigger parties but this doesn’t have to hold you back from having fun. Extend the seating area of your deck by adding a patio next to it. There you can place some cushioned furniture, so you will provide the same comfort for both levels.

Knowing how much to lay a new patio costs will help you determine what type of flooring you’re going to use. Consider patios made of flagstone, cut stone, tiles, or concrete as they are the easiest for maintenance.

Get as comfy as possible

Put a nice L shaped comfortable sofa on your deck or stone paved patio to create an outdoor living room. Adjoin it with an ottoman that could serve as an extra sitting place or as a coffee table.

For a smaller area, you can add some resin wicker seating topped with soft cushions. This type of furniture is long-lasting and easy to maintain because it is weatherproof.

If you are a more casual type of person you can even use cushions as your seating, instead of chairs. Put a low height table beside them, where you can place your drinks or snacks.

Keep it warm

Turn your backyard into a warm cozy place on the chilly nights. Build a fire pit and make it the focal point. Place a wooden or a stone bench around it, where you can chat with your friends while enjoying the crackling sound of the firewood.

There are many types of fire pits which you could implement in your outdoor space, mainly made in-ground, or above a patio, fuelled with propane, gel, natural gas, or wood, shaped in a circle, square, rectangular, or other forms or featuring stacked up bricks or concrete blocks, glass, bowls with lava rocks, etc.

Light it up

Explore the magical effects of the lights to create a new world around you when nighttime comes. Here are some ideas on how to illuminate your outdoor living space:

  • Achieve a romantic atmosphere with electrical or candle lanterns around your deck or patio,
  • Hang paper lanterns to highlight your seating area,
  • For a more majestic vibe, consider decorating your trees with led powered lights,
  • Place tiki torches alongside your pathways, if you want an adventurous appeal. Rope lighting is a good alternative for this purpose,
  • String lights are very popular these days. They fit great on house walls and between the rails of your terrace fence,
  • Subtle lighting on your deck rails or stairs will allow you an easy movement at night. If you aim for low cost, then little solar lights on your deck posts might be the choice for you.

Pool and fountain

When the weather gets hot, then the pool is your best friend. It is one of the best features that you can add to your home, if you have the budget and space, of course.

Create your own private lagoon where you can soak up and have fun with your loved ones. Beautify its surroundings with some flowering plants, or pair it up with a fountain feature that goes straight into the pool. Some color lighting at the bottom will give it a dazzling effect at night.

If you have a deck overlooking beautiful scenery, then nothing beats an infinity pool from where you can admire the stunning view for hours.

Raise a bar

This is where the fun happens. Entertain your friends and family with your cocktail making skills at your own outdoor bar. Whether you decide to attach it to an open kitchen or have it as a standalone, you simply cannot go wrong.

Experiment with colors

Simple changes like a new paint job can open a whole other dimension of your backyard. Repaint your metal furniture, flowerpots, and fence with colors that go with the theme of your house.

Put pillows and hang curtains with matching colors that will make your outdoor living space look classy.

Movie nights

Watching movies together is another perfect way to spend quality time with your family. Get a movie projector, and create a small home cinema in your porch or backyard. Watch your favorite movies or enjoy some laughs at your old home videos on your house wall.

Some of you can relax on the swinging bench, while others can stretch their legs on the loungers. Bring some popcorn and drinks, and you may discover your new favorite weekend hang-out activity.

Cook outdoors

If you have a spacious deck, it would be a shame not to have a corner for a summer kitchen where you can grill experiments, without letting the smoke inside your bedroom.

For a small patio, a barbecue grill and a little round table with thin chairs would do the trick. What’s a better way to show off your lively exterior than inviting your friends and neighbors over for some BBQ?

Fun place for your children

Your backyard is the place where your children can enjoy the time out while being under your close watch. Sometimes, you may be welcome to join them, too. To enrich the entertainment experience, you can construct your own home amusement park.

Here you can practice your creativity big-time:

  • Add a slide next to your pool and transform it into a waterpark,
  • Anchor mini goalposts on your lawn and organize football tournaments,
  • The lawn can be turned into a golf course, too,
  • Swing sets and a small carousel are great for younger children.

Stone walkway

Decorating your garden often requires lots of time. Laying down a simple stone walkway will make it look even more captivating. It is a nice way to make sure people move across your backyard easily while preventing precious plants from being accidentally destroyed.

Privacy matters

Although a fence could provide you with a sense of security, your backyard may still be eye-catchy for neighbors or people passing by. You would like to have at least one corner where you can just relax, do your morning exercise, or sunbathe in the summer.

Get creative and build a living wall. Anchor backyard screens on your wooden deck or patio and decorate them with bushy plants and plant boxes.

For pergolas, curtains are the way to go to keep your outdoor activities away from prying eyes. If it has a solid roof, then why not make it a sleeping space? Put a bed in there for taking naps during those summer days.

Final thoughts

We hope these tips helped you get a clearer vision of how to make the most out of your outdoor living space. Remember, you don’t always have to go big to make the change. Sometimes, little things can make a big difference.

So, what is your successful outdoor transformation story? Give us a sneak peek of your achievements in the comments section below, and inspire others to beautify their homes.