Get Creative with House Plants Ordered from a Plant Delivery Service

Having indoor plants is not only a great idea for any interior decorating enhancements, but is also brilliant for your mood and overall well-being. There have been many studies and research done on this topic and it deserves its post, however, if you are keen on learning more, you can click on this link, to read all about it.


Besides this, it is also a great way to be creative, especially when it comes to adding them to specific parts of the home and making your rooms come alive. Some of the ideas we have chosen below can help bring a little added layer of fun and creativity to your home without any effort or hassles. So, you can get back in touch with all that nature provides.

Plant Ideas to Bring Out the Best in Your Home Easily

It’s easy to relish all the benefits of plants within the home. No matter what the size of your space you can always add one or two plants to it and if you don’t have space on the floor, you can always reach for the ceiling with some exquisite trailing or hanging plants as well. 

Plants come in all shapes and sizes and can be added to just about every corner in any house, from the coffee table to the kitchen counter, and the added benefit is, they can be an asset to your home’s interior décor too.

Add a Center Piece

Most centerpieces help to bring a room together and add some ambience. Be it your dining room table, coffee table or a side table in your living room, they can add a pop of colors to it. One of the best ways to do this is to choose the right indoor plant to help things out.

One great idea is to buy a potted plant and something as beautiful as a fern or an orchid could be just the right thing. These are simple yet striking plants and the bigger the better. They are also a hassle-free indoor plant that does not need too much nurturing. 

You can choose options from the below depending on what’s available in your local area and if not, there are plant delivery services such as https://plantedpot.com/ that you can order from easily and get it delivered to your doorstep:

  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Lemon Button Fern
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Boston fern
  • Staghorn Fern
  • Crocodylus or Crocodile Fern

Hang Them Up

If you are worried about space in your small apartment or studio flat, there’s no need to do so, as you’ve still got your walls a space on your ceilings. The majority of plant lovers and enthusiasts make the most of their living space. 

Some even turn their living rooms into a conservatory. We’re not saying you should necessarily do this, but having plants hang from your ceiling is one great way of adding some ‘oomph’ to your indoors.

Tons of fresh foliage can be added to the walls and hung from the top using hanging baskets or particular boxes and shelves made for this purpose. Trailing or hanging plants are your best option and there are many to choose from. Add some different colored ones inside a hanging basket or two and see what difference it makes. 

A few suggestions of plants that you can include are:

  • Spider plant
  • Boston fern
  • Pothos
  • English Ivy
  • Tillandsia
  • String of hearts
  • String of pearls

And more which can be found on most online sources or plant stores. 

Complimenting Your Walls

Besides adding some plants to the walls, you can also mix and match their colors to the shades of your walls or vice versa. Especially if you have a home office, this can be a great idea to help you be more productive.

Did you know some colors, including green, can help people to focus and be more productive, than others? For example, yellow brings out your creative side, blue helps supercharge your productivity levels, orange can make you feel welcoming, green can help you to stay calm in stressful situations, and more.

Why not take advantage of this psychology and get some flowering plants or paint your walls a certain shade and complement it with the green of the plants. Mixing and matching different flowerpots is also a creative and brilliant idea, if you don’t have flowering plants then choose brightly colored pots of different sizes and materials as well.

Don’t Forget Your Hallways and Staircase

That’s right, don’t forget your hallways as well. Plants look great in a hallway and make you feel welcoming. You can hang them off the side of the staircase as well. What could look nice is a tall potted plant placed in the corner of a hallway above a unique painting or photograph. 

Look for those that have large glossy leaves and are brightly shaded. Examples are corn plants, dragon plants or cheese plants. They will not only add some life to the corner but will reflect light off their leaves to create some great tones and visual appeal to any space, especially corridors which are usually darker than other parts of the home.

If you are keen, you can also try your hand at caring for a Bonsai plant. These are very unique and need to be handled carefully, but when placed in the right spot add some great minimalist style to the interiors. They could take the center stage on a coffee table or a bookshelf.

These and more ideas can easily be created in any room or place in your house to bring life to it.