Gardening for Beginners – Infographic

Some people feel constrained by the size of their home in terms of entering into the hobby of gardening. However, once you have some free floor space, anyone can actually start a small patch where they can grow some items. It’s about working with what you have in terms of space. If it’s a balcony in an apartment, that is a perfect place to start. Even if you have a much larger area to work with, as a beginner it is much more advisable to start small, gain knowledge and confidence and once you gain those, you can press onto more advanced areas. However, if you start too advanced, you might become overwhelmed and then as a result, become fearful of gardening overall! Taking something from a seed or a small plant to something larger and more prosperous gives a wonderful sense of achievement and leaves you wanting to achieve more!

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The infographic from Crowesawmills below outlines everything you need to know in terms of being a beginner in gardening. It explains the tools required; it outlines some key terminology and it recommends certain starting points in your beginner garden. Check out the full graphic below.


An infographic by the team at Crowe Saw Mills