Flowering Trees Can Add A Unique Beauty To Your Landscape

If you are sick of the standard bushes, shrubs, and vines, you should look to flowering trees as a great way to enjoy all of the beauty of a flowering plant with the practicality of a tree.

A flowering shade tree, for example, can easily block out any unwanted views while still giving you hundreds of beautiful flowers during certain seasons of the year.

Many common flowering trees are either fruit trees or flowering tropical trees. Which type of tree you choose will have its own distinct scent, style of flower and prime growing regions, so be sure to consult with your local nursery to see what kinds of flowering trees thrive in your area.

Flowering Trees

Most of the common flowering trees are fruit trees which produce flowers before their fruiting season (generally in the summer).

Perhaps the most popular of the flowering fruit trees is the flowering cherry tree and the flowering weeping cherry tree. While both plants produce ample supplies of cherries, the regular tree stands more upright and is better used for shade than the weeping variety.

Another popular fruit tree is the flowering pear tree, which will grow to a great height and, if trimmed correctly, will provide lots of shade.

Furthermore, the flowering peach tree and flowering plum tree also produce magnificent flowers which you can generally enjoy during the spring depending on your climate.

The flowering crabapple tree is also a sight to behold when it is in full bloom, and will certainly make your neighbors jealous in delight.

For those who are not into fruits, the flowering dogwood tree is a perfect selection. This tree does not produce any human edible fruits even though it goes to flower in the springtime.

The flowers are beautiful and unique and are not easily confused with any other flowering trees, making the dogwood essential to many people’s landscapes. The magnolia tree is also in this category of flowering trees without fruit.

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