Flowering Plants that Suit Hanging Baskets

Whether you hang them indoors or outdoors, hanging baskets provide a convenient way of adding lush foliage and colorful flowers to any space.

Hanging baskets add natural beauty to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Hang them in your living room, kitchen or foyer, or outside above patios and porches. Although hanging baskets can hold vines, ferns and other foliage-rich plants, consider filling them with flowering plants.

When in bloom, flowering varieties will add colorful accents wherever you decide to set them. These flowering plants will enhance your living space with vivid blooms and draping foliage.

Trailing Verbena

Verbena plants

Ed Hume suggests planting trailing verbenas in hanging baskets. Consider planting one of several varieties, such as the tapien, Babylon, twilight, wildfire, and Aztec varieties because they will trail 12- to 18-inches down the sides of the basket.

These verbenas flower throughout the summer, with colorful blooms in shades of red, pink, purple and white. The trailing verbena grows best in bright sunlight, but also tolerates partial sun as well as shaded conditions.


Impatients hanging baskets

The University of West Virginia explains that these annuals belong to the Balsam family. Known scientifically as the Impatiens wallerana, impatiens possess fleshy, green stems and colorful blooms.

Flowers typically measure 2 inches wide and are white, purple, pink, orange or red. Some flowers even contain multiple colors. Foliage appears lance-shaped, possessing red or green tones. Because impatiens grow up to 30 inches long, and equally as wide, they make excellent plants for hanging baskets.

When hung indoors, keep a hanging basket containing impatiens in cool weather conditions; 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature range. You may hang impatiens outdoors as well, but only until frost develops. When frost appears, promptly move impatiens indoors to prevent damage.

Ivy Geraniums

Ivy Geraniums

Source: diynetwork

Known scientifically as the Pelargonium peltatum, ivy geraniums suit hanging baskets because their cascading stems fall naturally over the side of the basket. Experts at botanical-journeys-plant-guides.com explain that an ivy geranium’s fleshy, green leaves grow 2- to 4-inches wide, sometimes possessing yellow along the edges. Ivy geraniums grow indoors or outdoors, thriving in mild climates.

When these conditions are met, ivy geraniums will bloom colorful flowers all year long. Because there are over 200 varieties of the ivy geranium, they possess a vast color range. Blooms are single, double or clustered, growing up to 2 inches wide.



Although several varieties of petunias exist, the best petunias for hanging baskets include grandifloras and groundcovers. The University of Minnesota describes grandiflora petunias as having large blooms.

Flowers typically measure up to 4 inches wide, in either single or double formations. Some grandiflora petunias grow in a drooping fashion that suits hanging baskets. Groundcover petunias typically grow about 6 inches tall, but spread very quickly.

They suit hanging baskets, especially during summer months, trailing 2 or 3 feet. When exposed to bright, direct sunlight, groundcover petunias bloom so extensively that they obscure the foliage beneath.

4 flowers that suit hanging baskets