The Couple’s Guide: 10 Pieces of Advice on How To Stay Married During Renovations

Renovations are not an easy task, for Pittsburgh singles or couples. But we’ll be honest; renovations are harder on couples. Conflicts over what colour to paint your walls or what tiles to get can slowly seep into a relationship.

Luckily, whether you’re women seeking men in Florida or a long-time married couple, you can tackle renovations head on! Here is our couple’s guide with ten pieces of advice on how to stay married during renovations.

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1. Agree on a Plan Beforehand

The best way to avoid conflict during renovations is by agreeing on a plan beforehand. Sit with your partner and write down what you both have agreed on. It’s important to make a thorough plan before renovations begin. Decide what flooring you want, the wallpaper you’d like, and any layout changes you want to make before hiring a contractor. This way, you’ll be able to hire a contractor with a clear plan in mind, and if there are any disagreements, later on, you can visit your agreement!

2. Set Your Budget Together

Money is a common reason couples fight during renovations. So, it’s important to be transparent about money. Sit together and budget exactly where you two want to spend more money and where you want to restrict. If you two have a joint account, have a rough amount in mind. If you two have separate accounts, commit to how much each of you will be contributing beforehand. When deciding a budget, it’s also important to keep an emergency fund aside in case of any unforeseen circumstances arise.

3. Communicate Effectively

The key to staying married is communication. If there’s something upsetting you during renovations, talk to your partner about it. There will be many times during renovations where your partner may annoy you. If you hold things in during a renovation, you’re likely to take out your frustration elsewhere, and small things may start upsetting you greatly. This can lead to a lot of couples fighting when it’s actually completely avoidable. So, it’s important to talk things out and resolve potential fights before they grow.

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4. Be Willing To Compromise

You need to know there will be many disagreements during renovations, over both small things and big things. At times like these, you must pick your battles wisely. So, it’s important to be ready to compromise when you start renovations. For example, if you disagree with one of your partner’s choices, try to let it go and accept what they want. The next time they don’t like something you want, you can remind them of your compromises, and they’ll compromise too. It’s a two-way street!

5. Take Some Alone Time

If you feel yourself starting to get annoyed at your significant other, take time out! To cool off and avoid unnecessary fights, it’s important to spend some time by yourself, clear your head, and then communicate. It can also be frustrating to constantly be around your partner, especially when you have some disagreements. Having some time to yourself can help you avoid conflicts and help you stay married during renovations.

6. Bring in a Third Party

If you and your partner find yourself in a big disagreement, there’s a way to make sure that the fight doesn’t get out of hand. If you can’t come to a decision yourself, ask your contractor for advice. Getting an expert’s opinion can help you reach a decision. If it still isn’t helping, then just ask your contractor to make a decision for you and settle on whatever they decide. After all, what’s more, important than winning an argument, is staying married!

7. Set a Schedule        

Getting renovations done can be exhausting and time-consuming. This means that someone needs to be home and in constant touch with the contractors. To make sure both you and your partner do not get overburdened with work, set a schedule that works for both of you beforehand! Balance your time equally, so that no one is working more than the other. Also, go above and beyond your schedule to help your partner out when they look exhausted. Small gestures like this during stressful times can go a long way in helping you stay married.

8. Have a Veto Agreement

Set a veto agreement beforehand. Give yourself and your partner one or two vetoes each. This means you can veto any decision your partner makes, no questions asked, but only once or twice throughout the whole process. This will help you compromise!

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9. Spend Time with the Family

It’s important to take some time away from renovations as well. While renovations are going on, remember to spend time with your family! It’s important to see your partner outside of just the renovation process. Have a movie night or go out for dinner; do stuff outside of just renovations. If you find yourself getting annoyed at your partner a lot, invite a few of your friends or family over, so you and your partner can enjoy quality time with others as well!

10. Remember To Laugh

The most important thing to do to stay married is to remember to laugh! It’s easy to get caught up in small disagreements, but try to find happiness in the small things. If you feel that you’re getting annoyed, remind yourself of all the great things about your partner. It’s always important not to take the renovations too seriously; it’s the best way to stay married! Yes, renovations are important and cost a hefty amount too, but your marriage is more important.


Renovations are a tough time for most couples. Luckily, with these ten tips, you and your partner can completely redo your house while keeping your relationship intact. Getting your dream house doesn’t have to come at the cost of your relationship!