Use A Boulder Retaining Wall To Keep Boulders Out

Do you live in an area where tumbling boulders is a problem? Do boulders regularly roll into your yard, ruining your grass? Are you forced to relocate those boulders constantly? If so, your life – or at least your life as it relates to moving boulders – might be considerably improved through the installation of “boulder retaining” walls.

What exactly are boulder retaining walls? They’re two different things. One type of boulder retaining wall uses boulders to retain other things; another type of boulder retaining wall prevents boulders from entering.

If the boulder retaining wall is used to prevent the entrance of boulders, they are usually thick, short walls that are approximately one third above ground and one third below ground. Their thickness, small height, and extension deep into the soil allows them to prevent boulders from pushing them over.

Boulder Retaining Walls

If, on the other hand, the boulder retaining walls are meant to hold other things in place, they are actually constructed out of giant boulders. These boulders are used to hold earth in place, which includes small rocks and soil.

Most of these boulder retaining walls are mortarless, which means there is nothing hold them together. Instead, they simply consist of heavy boulders held together by gravity. This is often referred to as a “gravity wall.”

It is important to properly calculate all of the possible obstacles in the area. For instance, if groundwater is pushing against the soil, you may have more pressure against the retaining wall than you had originally anticipated from a common sense perspective. This is why engineers and career masons are often involved in the construction of boulder retaining walls, especially if the wall in question consists of large boulders or is retaining something dangerous.

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