The Best Way To Water Lawn Without A Sprinkler System

If you have plans on moving houses, or thinking about selling your property with higher value, knowing ways to efficiently deliver water to the soil can be helpful. Therefore, learning the best way to water lawn without a sprinkler system can be handy.

#1. ​Familiarize Yourself With Your Vegetation

best way to water lawn without a sprinkler system

If you do not know the characteristics of your lawn, how you can grow them? What grass type is growing? How much water does your grass need? How big exactly is your garden? The amount of needed water is dependent on these factors. Therefore, conduct a small research, find out all these things, you will save more time and effort in the long run.

#2. ​Mow Your Lawn On Schedule

Without an installed automatic sprinkler system or a traveling sprinkler, it can be frustrating and hard to schedule and control water distribution for your lawn. But before you go all out with watering, make sure your grass is ready to receive its supply of water. Do this by mowing your lawn until it is only about 2 inches tall.

​Mowing in this height leaves the young grass in place. Grass clippings also play a key role in the soil’s capability to retain moisture (this can be accomplished by combing with a sweeper). They block too much heat from penetrating the soil and lessening evaporation. With a moist soil, the need for more water is reduced and hence, make watering more easily.

#3. ​Think Of DIY Sprinkler Systems

Laying Sod In Winter

With a little creativity using hose valves, a sprinkler timer, and all metal impulse sprinklers you can create a similar sprinkler system that is way cheaper than having it professionally installed.

#4. ​Consider An Irrigation System

An irrigation system is a great alternative to a sprinkler system. Irrigation system for your lawn works by using small tubes placed strategically on the grass area. With a sprinkler system, water is being thrown into the air, therefore it can be evaporated before seeping into the roots. With the irrigation system, the small tubes deliver water directly to the soil. Maybe watering by hose is actually the best way to go.

​If an irrigation system is a little bit more time-consuming, and beyond the budget then manual watering is also a possible alternative. It may sound like a heavy task, but how about thinking of it as an easy workout.

​Before doing this, know what type of soil you are dealing with as the amount of needed water depends on the soil type. Try watering your lawn in the morning. Being exposed to lesser heat and sunlight allows the soil to retain more of the water.

​#5. Be A Responsible Owner

To keep a lawn manicured, watering at least once a week is necessary. The diligence and patience to keep lawn maintenance at schedule will create the perfect outcome. Statistics show that a big part of our water consumption comes from sprinkler systems, do mother earth a favour and save the water. You can do this by planning which time of the day you water, knowing just how much water you need, and mowing grass so that the water you give easily reaches the roots.

​Having no automatic sprinkler system does not mean you cannot achieve that green manicured house front. All it needs is creativity, resourcefulness, and of course knowledge of your property. Remember that the more time you invest in your lawn, the more chances of creating a healthy vegetation growth are.

​If you have any other ideas on how to water lawn without a sprinkler system, please leave a comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it.

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best way to water lawn without a sprinkler system