Got Sandy Soil? Know The Best Grass Seeds For Sandy Soil

Are you having Sandy soil in your lawn? Do you want to grow grass in your lawn but don't know about the best grass seed for sandy soil?

​Many times, people want a lawn full of green natural grass, but unluckily they have sandy soil. This might limit the options of seeds available for growing good grass in your lawn but still there are seeds available which might help you to accomplish your task. Sandy soils have trouble retaining water content, which can result in grasses dying out. Getting a lawn full of green grass can be hard especially on sandy soils but with certain grass seeds you can get a garden as you wish.

​What Is Wrong In Sandy Soil?

Best Grass Seeds For Sandy Soil

Sandy soil is very good for growing fruit trees and plants but when it comes to growing grass, it can be pretty troublesome. Sandy soil contains irregular round particles, which contain air pockets in the soil. 

Due to this, the soil is unable to hold on to the water and mineral content required by the roots of grass. Water drains out from such kind of soil too quickly, even before the roots can absorb it, moreover sandy soil also doesn't provide stability to the roots.

​Which Type Of Grass Seeds Can I Use For Sandy Soils?

Growing grass or turf on sandy soil can be a tricky thing to do. Not all grass types can survive on such soil conditions, but there are few grass types which can be used in such conditions. Below given are some of the types of grasses, which you can use if you have sandy soil. These grass all have the similarities: they requires less water, less nutrients and you don’t have to mow them frequently. The mowing for grass in sandy soil therefore can be reduced, but it doesn’t mean to not mow at all.

best grass seeds for sandy soil

​Bermuda Grass

​Bermuda grass requires well drain soils or soil types with less water content since it is a warm season grass and if you have sandy soil, then this grass type is best suited for it. Bermuda grass is a very fast growing grass. It has a dark green shade to it and is very thick. It's also the best grass for clay soil.

Bermuda grass can easily survive both conditions of flood and drought, but it can't live in conditions of no sunlight or shade. So make sure you plant it in regions having continuous exposure to bright sunlight during the day time. Its color changes to straw colored during the period of dormancy. It was originated from South Africa and now has become enough popular in South America.

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Centipede Grass

​Centipede grass gets the name from the insect centipede, as it resembles to it in looks. It is slow growing and coarse textured. It is light green in color and needs stolons to spread. The mowing and fertilizing requirements of this grass are very infrequent. This grass can’t stand high pH of soil, traffic and shade, so make sure you plant it in only sunny areas.

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Bahia Grass

Bahia grass doesn't require much water to grow but when it faces water shortage for a longer period, its color starts to fade away. It has a deep root system which helps it to penetrate its roots much deeper in the ground making it excellent for sandy soils. It doesn't require much water and fertilizers but when dormant, starts to turn brown and die.

Bahia is good for sandy soil but it also has some disadvantages such as it doesn't make a very attractive lawn to look at when planted, since its color is dull and it is not much dense as compared to other grass types. It should be only used when the area needing plantation is large and sandy in nature.

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Cool Season Fescue

Fescue grass can be used in drought prone areas or areas having low water content, and it is all because sandy soil is an optimal choice to plant this grass. It has deep root system which can easily stand stable even in sandy soil.

Fescue doesn't have issues with light or dark and so it can grow very well in both sunlight and shade. Red, tall and hard Fescue grows the best in sandy soils. The creeping red Fescue is the most popular of them all as it grows fast and occupies empty patches in lawn quiet fast. Tall fescue is best for providing a good color for the lawn and if you need a low maintenance grass, Hard Fescue is the best.

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Zoysia Grass

​Zoysia is the best for highly porous sandy soils. It has long roots which go deep in the soil. Once the roots make their place in the soil, they make the grass drought tolerant. It’s roots also helps to make it less dependent on the fertility of the soil to get its nutrients from.

Zoysia grass provides high density lawn with a lush green color which even lasts longer as compared to some other grass of same region. When in dormant state, it turns golden brown which looks good enough. It requires full sun exposure for growth but can also do fine when grown in shade.

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Having sandy soil can be trouble for getting your lawn prepared but with these given grass turfs, you can easily get a lush green and dense garden in a matter of months. Sandy soil doesn't hold water for a long time and so the grass should be chosen accordingly. Grass plants which can be suitable for such soil conditions are:

  • Bermuda Grass
  • Centipede Grass
  • Bahia Grass
  • Cool season Fescue
  • Zoysia Grass

These grass types do well in sandy soil as they don't require more water as compared to other type of grasses. They all have their own pros and cons. So, choose wisely. Of all the options Zoysia can be the best option as it doesn't require much water and can grow well in both sun and shade.

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Having sandy soil can be trouble for getting your lawn prepared but with these given grass turfs, you can easily get a lush green and dense garden in a matter of months.