Benefits Of Having Your Own Vegetable Garden

For every person, keeping a healthy body should be of great importance. If you agree then taking up vegetable gardening might provide an enjoyable and healthy solution.

Look No Further – Consider This – A Vegetable Garden

One way to stay fit and healthy is by having proper nutrition such as by eating more vegetables. The best way to get the freshest vegetables is growing them in your own garden yard. Aside from this benefit, you also get the chance to enjoy an outdoor activity while caring for your garden. According to some health experts, the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables is at least five servings. Abiding by this standard would be easier if you have your own vegetable garden at home.
Benefits Of Having Your Own Vegetable Garden
Growing and eating your own vegetables will help you increase your vitamin and mineral intake since vegetables are good sources of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, iron and potassium. In addition, they also contain flavonoids which are antioxidants that help fight diseases and help boost our immune system. You should also consider eating a lot of vegetables is you want to lose weight. Since vegetables naturally contain low calories, they are good substitutes for other food groups that are higher in calories and fat. Another advantage of planting your own vegetables is that you can decide which chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, you use in your garden. You can even decide to totally do away with artificial substances and grow your garden naturally as in organic growing. This way, you significantly reduce your exposure to these harmful substances. Aside from all these healthy nutrition benefits, caring for your vegetable garden regularly can also be your source of a regular healthy exercise. You can target the major muscle groups of your body by combining lifting, bending and stretching movements which are inherent to most gardening activities. However, don’t overdo it. Switch from strenuous activities such as digging and raking to less tiring planting or weeding actions. Remember also to maintain balance by switching your left and right sides.
Vegetable Gardening
Moreover, you are able to breathe in fresh air while vegetable gardening or any other kind of gardening for that matter. You also get the benefit of enhanced Vitamin D production which is hastened by exposure to sunlight. Your body’s calcium absorption is helped by the presence of Vitamin D. Calcium is vital to building and sustaining strong bones and teeth and also to preventing osteoporosis. For a number of individuals, working on the vegetable garden also helps improve their mood. On top of being a physical workout, gardening can be considered as a satisfying and soothing activity which helps relieve stress. If you find that you’re still stressed after a day of gardening, it may be time to connect with a licensed mental health professional. The licensed counselors at BetterHelp can help you find effective ways to decrease stress. In a nutshell, growing your own vegetables provides you with a lot of remarkable rewards. You get to have a good source of nutritious food which helps you have a healthful diet and also help you lose weight and fight diseases. What’s more, you also have a new way of engaging in a physical activity and promoting a healthier viewpoint on life.