Awesome Gift Ideas for the Student Gardener

Someone you know just recently began undergoing gardening courses and started to cultivate their own plant? That’s great! You can congratulate and encourage them with a simple but very heart-warming gift.

photo of hands holding a present

Must-have Tools 

These tools are essential for any gardener. If you know that your student gardener lacks any of the items below, then definitely gift that item.


Whether they are made from inexpensive nitrile or durable goatskin – the gloves are always a welcome gift for gardeners. The student gardener will definitely appreciate this gift because, in the beginning, you go through gloves like they’re matches. 

A Garden Knife with a Sheath

It is a multipurpose back-pocket tool for digging, weeding, slicing through roots, and more. Look for one with a serrated edge, as it’s more effective. It helps out a great deal in the garden.

A Pruner Holster 

The holster can clip onto a belt, pocket, or loop onto a belt. Either way, it will help keep pruners safe and handy. Usually, beginner gardeners don’t know that such holsters exist. So, surprise your student gardener with a handy gift.

A Spade for Digging 

It is also known as a transplanting digger. It’s perfect for rough, impenetrable soil where the common spade for gardens is powerless. Every student gardener needs one!

Watering Can 

Styles run the gamut from quirky to elegant. The traditional galvanized design is as practical as it is timeless.

Harvesting or Foodie Gifts

These items below are perfect for the student gardener, who is also a food fanatic.

A Wire Garden Basket 

It is a stylish vegetable collector. A Tub Trug is utilitarian to the max, useful for harvesting, potting, bottom-watering dry plants, and more. You know your student gardener, and you’ll know which gift to choose.

A Rack Dehydrating Herbs

It’s a pretty simple construction that is usually attached to the ceiling. The student gardener will be able to dehydrate such various herbs. The dehydrated herbs could be used in anything from using them as spices to incorporating them into crafts.


You can see them with a price tag from under $75 for simple ones to over $300 for the digital. They deliver dried veggies in 4 to 12 hours (depending on what you are dehydrating) for use in soups, casseroles, and pasta dishes throughout the winter.

Grilling Baskets 

The baskets are inexpensive and helpful for cooking veggies or kabobs on the grill.

Gifts for Inspiration 

Did the gardener student lose their motivation and dedication to horticulture? Nope, no need to look of people for yourself to “write my essay” for inspiration. You can instead inspire them to go on with their hobby by gifting something of aesthetical value rather than practical.

Membership in a Public Garden

It will provide a year’s worth of education and inspiration while supporting a worthy organization! Constantly visiting an extremely beautiful garden inspires many people to take up horticulture, and it will reignite the fire for gardening within your gardener student.

Veggie Pictures

Beautiful pictures and pieces of are that display the real wonder that is the harvest — and they’re an inexpensive idea for a gift! Just like the membership, the pictures can have a profound influence on the student gardener.

Garden Containers

Whether they’re made from classic terra cotta or lightweight material, they are always welcome — the bigger, the better. The student gardener won’t be able to resist them and surely will seed something inevitably.

Seed-related Gifts

Feed the student gardener’s addiction to seeding and cultivating vegetation. The items in this section will save the student gardener money and enhance their harvest.

Grow Lights

These lights can make the difference between limp, leggy seedlings, and compact, healthy young plants. A great gift for a recent gardening beginner.

Pollinator Seed Packs 

These are the perfect gift choices for everyone because the plight of the bees is too important to ignore! This present will ensure that the student gardener’s harvest period will be very fruitful.

Seedling Tray Warming Pad

It will get emerging seedlings off to a fast and healthy start. The pad will be a very thoughtful gift if the gardener student is having a lot of trouble with their plants constantly dying before developing fully.

Seed Company Gift Certificate

You’ll never go wrong with a certificate that gives free access to seeds. Many gardeners really want to have a very diverse garden with lots of different species of vegetation. As a gift for a student gardener – it will be a great starting point for seeding their first vegetation.

The Important Aspect

One of the greatest things that you can gift alongside a physical presence is your support of the gardening newbie. They will definitely have some plants die, seeds not grow out, vegetation crushed as they stumble in their garden. However, hearing your words of encouragement is one of the things that will keep the student gardener on track!