8 Ways to Brighten Up Your Living Room

As usual, the design of living rooms is simple and plain. Most rooms have painted concrete walls and wooden furniture to start with. In such an interior, nothing will catch sight and distract people from resting.

However, even those who adore minimalism want to improve their living rooms’ interior. If you live in a room that doesn’t look cozy and attractive for you, feel free to upgrade it. Some great ideas in the post below will help you improve your place.


Talking about brightening up a living room, the first thing you can improve is lighting, especially if you hate the default luminescent lamps.

For starters, feel free to replace them with lamps that have more yellowish light. It will less strain your eyes and make the atmosphere cozier. Alternatively, you can purchase a LED RGB bulb. Using a remote control pad that comes with the bulb, you’ll be able to adjust illumination in your room according to your mood.

For instance, you will be able to make your room illuminated by a red light to create a romantic atmosphere, make it green, or merely dim the default light in the evening.


Anyway, natural light is the best for most people. If there is a lack of daylight in your room, feel free to add mirrors. They will reflect the natural light and make your room brighter.

Pretty young woman in casual outfit looking into mirror

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Also, reflective surfaces will help you make your room look bigger. It is a straightforward optical illusion that will trick your eye, showing more space.

To better enhance your room, it’s a good idea to attach led stings over mirrors. It will help you make the room bright and light-infused.

Bright Rug

One of the great ways that can make your room brighter and cozier is purchasing a bright rug. If you have a tight budget, feel free to buy a small rug with a catchy design. Also, it can be very helpful if you always forget something crucial, leaving your room. Purchase a rug with the ‘phone, keys, wallet’ lettering on it. These things are the most important in the modern world.

Another embodiment is covering the entire floor with a big and colorful rug that will not only improve your room’s interior. You can invite your friends and sit on a big rug altogether. It’s very convenient if you don’t have a dozen chairs or armchairs in your room.

Storage Boxes

All people have a lot of things and a lack of space to store them. As a consequence, they use storage boxes for books, clothes, and other things. To improve your living room interior, avoid using simple plastic boxes.

Rather, purchase some attractive storage boxes with attractive prints. Also, you can make some yourself. All that you need is cardboard, glue, and alluring fabric. There are a lot of DIY instructions on how to do great storage boxes on the Internet. By the way, a colorful chest of drawers can be an interesting alternative.


One of the ways to brighten up your living room is to add some colors. Simple and plain. Feel free to use adhesive vinyl to turn wooden drawers, wardrobes, and doors into bright and modern-looking furniture. Also, you can use washi tape to enhance your furniture’s look and highlight its sides in your room.

Also, you can purchase brightly colored appliances that will make your living room’s interior more attractive. They don’t necessarily have to be of practical use. However, this option is more preferable.

World Map

If you like traveling, you will hardly find a better way than putting a big world’s map on a wall. There are a lot of different solutions available so that you can easily choose the best one for you. Feel free to paint the countries that you have visited to track your progress.

Otherwise, you can purchase a scratch world map and erase the covering layer every time you travel to a new country.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/SFRw5GChoLA  

Unfortunately, it’s hard to travel for some people, especially students, because they are always overburdened with their jobs, homework and over-curricular classes. If you’re an undergraduate who can’t live without even short trips, feel free to ask your mates, “Do you know someone who can do my essay paper?”.

By delegating your assignments, you will be able to free your schedule for a trip. Also, traveling can help you refresh your mind and broaden your outlook.


Putting posters on the walls is the most widespread way among young people to enhance their rooms’ interior. Therefore, do not hesitate to use them in your room. There is a large variety of posters on the market. You can pick any picture and size that fits you the most.

Also, you can print your picture if needed. Since it’s easy to remove them, you can update your room’s interior even every week.

If you have painted walls in your room, feel free to cover them with a mural or use removable wallpapers. It’s easy to install and take them off as removable wallpapers have adhesive backside.


We live in the digital era and are always surrounded by smart gadgets. People always use their smartphones to solve a wide range of issues with no hassle. Gadgetry is particularly popular with students.

For instance, when undergraduates experience any problems resolving equations, they ask their voice assistants on their smartphones, “Who can help me do my math homework?” to find an assignment writing company. However, utilizing smart gadgets is becoming more convenient even for the senior generation.

Therefore, do not hesitate to tune-up your living room with cool gadgets. For starters, try to get rid of cords and hide them. You can purchase a smart-speaker, air purifier, or a smart nightlight that automatically turns on and off.

If you adore the Scandinavian style of living, put some candles in your room. To bring some Hygge, the style’s original name, and avoid an open fire in the room, purchase led candles. They will brighten up your room and make the interior more enticing.

As you see, there are a lot of simple and interesting ways to make your room brighter. Even picking one of them will make your room more pleasant.