6 Ways To Make Exterior Home Cleaning More Sustainable

Ideally, every household should go through exterior home cleaning every now and then to eliminate debris and accumulated dust and bacteria. However, the procedures are not always environmentally healthy. Frequently, you’ll need to use lots of water and electricity for one cleaning session. Added to that is the use of harmful and toxic chemical cleaning solutions. It’s no wonder why the earth is suffering from severe consequences today.

However, you can turn your home cleaning routine into a sustainable one with mindful practice and simple cleaning tweaks. With this guide, you’ll soon realize that sustainable cleaning services, products, and methods are actually equally effective in achieving your desired results.

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To help you get started shifting to sustainable home exterior cleaning methods, apply the following ways:

  • Let Eco-Friendly Professionals Handle The Cleaning

Fortunately, there are tons of green cleaning services out there. If you do not have the time to clean your home on your own, hire one of the most reliable power washing contractors instead. Some contractors use sustainable cleaning products and power washing methods that are environmentally safe. You don’t have to hold the guilt of harming the environment because they’re trained to take care of your home exteriors in a sustainable manner.

 A cleaning solution is applied with a low-pressure washer, which is very easy and convenient. These experts know avant-garde pressure methods to wash away grime and particles from your walkway, driveway, patio, sidings, and other exterior surfaces. Whatever exterior material your house has, these professionals are capable of handling them with care. Using reliable methods with cleaning, you’ll have bright and shiny home exteriors at the end of their cleaning session.

  • Opt To Use Sustainable Cleaning Products 

Over the years, conventional cleaning products’ health and environmental impacts become more clearly understood. As a result, a growing number of eco-friendly brands have started to hit the market. These green products are paving their way into your cleaning cabinets and under your sinks. With an emphasis on being non-toxic, safe, and biodegradable, these green alternatives also hold the promise of eliminating germs on par with solid chemical and conventional cleaning products.  

However, you need to be warned about the claims that some companies falsely make about their cleaning products. Some might advertise them to be sustainable for the sake of appealing to the masses, but in truth, they still contain harmful chemicals. Some brands might claim to be environmentally friendly as a form of advertisement and marketing.  To avoid being a victim of this common tactic, do your research well and be familiar with the brands that retain their outstanding promise to protect the environment. 

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  • Go For Natural Cleaning Solutions Found In The Kitchen 


Like any other organic food and product, some green cleaning alternatives may cost more and turn you off. If so, you can go for some cleaning remedies you can find in your kitchen. Home-mixed cleaners can surprisingly get rid of stubborn stains on your windows and sidings. You can make your home exterior cleaning more sustainable using these harmless kitchen products. To give you a head start, use these simple cleaning solutions:

  • Lemon

If you have some lemons lying around, you can make use of them as a cleaner instead. With its high acid content, lemons will remove window grime without harmful fumes. This natural cleaner also works on plastic, glass, and ceramic surfaces. So, it can be used for indoor home cleaning, too.

  • Vinegar

This home remedy might serve more purposes than you can ever imagine. To give your windows a streak-free finish, scrubbing them in circular motions with vinegar is an excellent way to remove grease. It can also work wonders as a metal polisher! Try it on some tarnished brass or coppered surfaces in your garage. This organic solution can remove stubborn rust and dirt accumulated over time. 

  •  Coca Cola Drink 

Yes, you read that right – you can also use your favorite soda as a cleaner. Due to its acidic properties and other ingredients, it’s actually capable of removing rust and oils. For example, if you have an oil mark on your garage floor that has stayed on for months, Coca-Cola can be used as a leave-on treatment. After a few hours, you can simply wash it out with a hose. There’s even no scrubbing required!

  • Don’t Waste Water 

Depending on your floor or ground surfaces, cleaning them might mean you’ll have to use lots of water. After all, mopping them is the best way to keep them clear and shiny. However, to make your method more sustainable, you can incorporate ways to eliminate the use of excessive water for cleaning. You can find green cleaning supplies that can be applied without using water. They’re capable of absorbing the grime, and all you need to do is wipe them off after. Another way is to maximize the use of outdoor mats so they can control dirt and dust. 

  • Use Energy-Efficient Cleaning Equipment 

Don’t miss the opportunity to make sure that everything you use for cleaning is helping the environment. Use energy-efficient cleaning devices like vacuums and lawnmowers. Make sure to turn them off when they’re no longer in use. Keep them in excellent running condition so they can perform best without accumulating a lot of electric power. For instance, clean your lawn mower air filter regularly so it can function efficiently all the time. You can even go all out by using solar power instead of the conventional utility supplies from your provider.

  • Discard Toxic Chemicals Responsibly 

Once you realize that using conventional and harmful cleaning chemicals doesn’t cut it anymore, you probably want to get rid of them and throw them away. However, they might pose health risks when you simply discard them in the trash. It could harm the landfill or rubbish removal systems in your area. Hence, it’s best to find ways to get rid of these chemical solutions responsibly. Contact your local rubbish collectors or search online for rubbish removers to handle and manage your chemical waste disposal.  


Planning your housekeeping routine thoughtfully contributes a lot to make your home eco-friendly. With the ideas mentioned in this article, you can incorporate many creative methods to make your cleaning routine greener. Aside from a clean and good-looking home, you will also feel happy and contented knowing that you did your part in helping save the environment.