5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Perfect for Entertaining in 2022

Now that another backyard entertaining season is coming to an end and winter draws closer each day, it’s perfectly normal to be thinking ahead to next year and any renovations you want to do. A backyard gives homeowners additional living and entertaining space, so it makes sense to use it to its full advantage. If your backyard is lacking in this department and you want to find ways to make it more useable and welcoming next year, these tips are meant for you.




It’s All About the Seating

You simply cannot even think about entertaining guests in your backyard if you don’t have ample seating. And it’s not just quantity – it’s quality. You don’t want your guests to be stuck sitting in uncomfortable chairs for hours on end. Now is the time to start shopping around, checking out different outdoor furniture, doing some price comparison, and brainstorming about what configuration and style would work best.

There is no such thing as too much seating, so it’s always wise to go as big and plentiful as your yard will allow.

Exterior Lighting Means You Can Extend Its Use

How many times have you and your guests had to shuffle indoors simply because the sun had set and it was getting dark outdoors? Thanks to the incredible range of outdoor lighting options, there is no reason that the party has to stop just because it has gotten dark.

When planning your outdoor lighting, make sure that the seating area is well-lit. You can then use different styles of lighting to highlight features in the yard such as a garden, a large tree, walkways, or even architectural details on your house.

Add an Eye-Catching Water Feature

Perhaps one of the more easily overlooked backyard landscape features is a water feature. Sure, it doesn’t have a functional purpose, but it adds ambiance to the yard, which is important when thinking about a space that is ideal for entertaining. Just imagine the sound of a small outdoor water fountain, gently recirculating the water, mimicking the sound of a small stream. You can also purchase pond kits so that you can make a small water feature perfect for adding a sense of relaxation and tranquil vibes to the yard.

Let There Be Music – Outdoor Speakers Are a Must

When trying to create that chill party vibe, music is an absolute must-have so be sure to also think about outdoor speakers. A Bluetooth speaker is perfect for outdoor use since you won’t have to worry about cables and hooking things up. Just be sure it is specifically made for outdoor use, and consider taking it indoors when you aren’t using it – this will help to extend its lifespan.

Create a Sense of Privacy

The final tip is to create a sense of privacy so it doesn’t feel like all your neighbors are peering in while you’ve got friends and family over. That could mean you use privacy shrubs and hedges, a decorative screen, a gazebo, an awning or a patio umbrella, and even strategically placed oversized planters.

Taking the time to spruce up your yard means you’ll quickly become the entertainer in your group of friends.