5 tips to designing a pool in your backyard

Do you know what can turn your visit to the summer house into a real vacation in paradise? That’s right, a pool area for you and your family to enjoy. Undoubtedly, this is a huge project to take on, there is quite a lot of planning and construction involved, but at the end of the day, you’ll see that it’s really worth it. 


  1. How it’s made

There are many options on the market when it comes to buying a pre-made pool. They come in all shapes and sizes, and it won’t be too difficult to choose the one that suits your property best. This really depends on your plans, visualization of the property, and climate zone. Ready-made pools can be roughly divided into two main categories: permanently installed pools – these are the ones that are dug into the ground, and steel-frame pools that are temporarily set up in the summer time and then can be taken apart and stored until the next warm season. Pools that fall under the second category are usually easy to assemble and dismantle, come in different sizes and often include a ladder and pool pump. But if you happen to live in a warm and sunny region and wish to enjoy the pool all year round, consider installing a permanent pool so you can go for a swim any time you’d like. Before going straight ahead to the construction phase, decide on whether you want to order a pre-made pool or build it from scratch. In the latter case, most likely you will need a special permit. The whole construction process should be supervised by a professional builder, and, most importantly, you should make a blueprint for the pool to see exactly where it will be located, especially if the pool will have an atypical shape. It’s always a good idea to hire a building crew that will handle the excavation, mix and pour the concrete properly. This construction project may take quite a long time to finish, so be patient and try your best to keep track of every part of the process.  

  1. Covered pool

Installing a canopy for the pool has many benefits: it will keep the pool much cleaner, keep leaves from falling into the water, protects you in case it starts to rain. Glass canopies have a chic, modern look that will make your whole property more stylish and elegant. The best way to organize a pool area is to put your garden room to good use. Start by setting up a canopy that is connected to the garden room on one side and held up by metal supports on the other. Make sure the canopy is larger than the area of the pool, so it covers the pool and adjacent area completely. This way you’ll have enough space to add some lounge chairs, decorate the pool area with gorgeous tropical plants and even set up a storage space for pool toys and towels. 

  1. Pool and jacuzzi 

This is a great way to get the best of both worlds – a pool for both everyone to enjoy, and a separate relaxation area for grown-ups. Just like with a regular pool, construction of a jacuzzi will also require a building permit, so make sure to attain one beforehand. Jacuzzis are complex electrical systems, so this means that there is a lot of wiring involved. It’s much more reasonable to hire an electrical contractor to install the circuit instead of trying to do it yourself. After both the pool and jacuzzi have been fully installed, consider setting up a bar right next to it for entertaining friends. Your mini-bar will be a summer hit and you can serve all your guests fancy cocktails while relaxing in the hot-tub. 

  1. Pool for kids

If your kids always dreamed of having their own pool in the yard to splash around and cool down in the summer, this is the time to surprise them and finally install one. Make sure you choose the pool according to how many children you have and how old they are. Swimming pools for toddlers are cheap and super easy to assemble – you just need to inflate it and fill it with water. They are also safe, since they aren’t as deep as a regular pool. An inflatable PVC pool is also suitable for older kids, but make sure it’s large enough for the kids to swim around freely and take all their favorite pool toys with them. If the pool is tall, you should additionally install a ladder for easy access. 

  1. Latest trends and inspiration

Recently a new trend appeared that brought an artistic outlook to pool design. There are 2 main interpretations of this trend, and both of them make the property look truly unique. One way to make your pool stand out is by painting the bottom of the pool any color you like. What this does is make the water visually appear a different color. So, for instance, if you paint the bottom of the pool bright pink, then the water will appear pink as well. This is a great idea, especially if you are planning on sticking to a specific color scheme or just wish to add a splash of color to the property. The second one involves extra creativity: some people draw abstract geometrical shapes in beautiful pastel colors and turn their pools into works of art.

Another great way to make any pool the centerpiece of the property is to install LED lights all around the perimeter. This will create an amazing atmosphere for you and all your guests at pool parties.