4 Trees You Can Grow Indoors Or Outdoors

Did you know that there are trees that can be grown both indoors or outdoors? Now that I’ve got your interest, please listen up. It’s really fun to grow dual trees.


Beyond the fun, dual-grown trees play important roles in your home (both indoor and outdoor).

And growing the trees is not as easy as you think. It’s even more difficult if you don’t know which trees can be grown both in and out.

Fortunately, I’ve got here 4 trees you can grow indoors or outdoors. Read the whole article to learn everything about them…

4 Trees You Can Grow Indoors or Outdoors

Taking from the list of the big-time tree parents, I personally selected indoor/outdoor trees that suit both busy and extreme carers.

These trees bear strong characteristics fit for long-term survival. As it is, they should be able to withstand extreme circumstances in and outside the home.

Here are 4 trees you can grow both indoor and outdoor:

1. Citrus Tree (Citrus limon)

The citrus tree/plant is a top favorite by a lot of plant parents. Its strong lemon scent makes for natural air fresheners.

And, despite other people’s claim that it’s difficult to grow, it actually is not. Perhaps, it could pass as a demanding tree, but it isn’t necessarily difficult to grow. Thus, it’s simply likened to taking care of a Meyer lemon tree.

In fact, all it needs is generous moistening every 2 days…

Here are a few important things you should observe when growing this tree:

  • Lavish it with sunlight every day. A Meyer lemon tree needs a lot of it.  
  • Moisten it (not wet) generously every 2 days.
  • Allow it to catch humidity from outside on a daily basis. If the weather doesn’t
    allow it, then secure a humidity tray.
  • Keep it in an area temperature around 50-80 degrees F.

2. Umbrella Tree (Schefflera actinophylla)

This indoor/outdoor tree ranks as another best pick for carefree owners. It requires little to no care at all (provided that the weather outside your home is significantly humid).

It also takes in little amounts of sunlight. So, it’s really okay not to transfer it frequently.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when growing this tree:

  • Do not expose it directly to high sunlight.
  • Water once a week, but only when it’s on its growing phase.
  • Keep it in an area temperature of 60 F above.
  • Do leave it in a tray with water longer than 24 hours.
  • Apply natural pesticide on it only when it has fully grown. This should keep
    the insects and other pests from settling on it.

3. Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)

The main drive of money by the money tree is its lanky body and a natural wooden braid that wraps along its trunk.

It’s considered one of the prettiest trees to grow both in and out of the home. And I personally selected this because like the ones before this, it can be grown carefree.

But, the tree also has its irks…

Take time to read these important points when growing it:

  • Keep it out of moisture. It’s not a big fan of water.
  • Make sure to place it on dry trays.
  • Don’t expose it to unfiltered sunlight.
  • Keep it in an area temperature between 50-100 F.
  • Leaving it unattended (provided that it’s dry) for a week is not a concern.
  • Moisten it (not wet) once every 2 weeks.

4. Rubber Tree (Ficcus elastica)

This tropical tree is mostly desired for its neat, dark green and shiny leaves.

It also matches rustic internal decors. Also, it works as a great addition to outdoor configuration.

Here are things to remember when growing it:

  • Keep it a neutral warm environment with high humidity. Like most tropical
    plants, it thrives in a moist environment. Do not wet it.
  • Using a humidity tray on it encourages it to grow deeper green hue leaves.
  • It loves to bathe in sunlight. But make sure to keep under the sun for 5-7
  • It thrives in an area temperature between 50-80 F.
  • Its leaves are known to be absorbent of moist and water droplets. So, it also
    naturally keeps a good layer of dust in its leaves. The best way to clean the
    leaves is to wipe them daily with a slightly damp, but clean cloth.

So there you go the top 4 trees for indoor/outdoor growth. Continue reading for more information…

Final Thoughts

Growing trees both indoor and outdoor is truly a rewarding feat, especially if the tree grows beautifully.

Another great thing about it is that you can move them in and out for redecoration. Ultimately, the 4 trees to grow indoors or outdoors freshen up your home environment. Above all else, it pays all the effort of growing them.