4 Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Garden

The state of your business’s building exteriors and outdoor space serves as a great tool to convey your company’s values to employees, stockholders, and existing and potential customers. With the increasing competition in the market, ensuring that all facets of your business, including a well-tended garden, should make the first right impression. to make the right first impression.


Tips To Keep Your Commercial Garden In Good Condition

Not everyone gets to see the aesthetic and ergonomic features of your interiors. For this reason, it’s best to pay attention to your outdoor space and assess whether or not this sends a positive message to passersby.

If you’re wondering how to keep your commercial garden in tip-top shape, consider commercial property landscaping, along with the following maintenance tips


  • Mow Your Lawn Regularly


Clients and passersby tend to notice a lush and well-groomed area in a commercial space. A well-maintained lawn is a sight to behold. This projects a welcoming atmosphere and encourages more people to visit and drop by your business. Considering this, block off time from your schedule to maintain the look of the grass on your business’s premises.

Your lawn will encounter external elements, such as changes in weather conditions and pests, threatening its health and appearance. Fortunately, mowing helps clear some of the pests in your grass. Frequent maintenance can also help your grass recover quickly from climate change.

If your commercial space is wide and will demand time to maintain, you can always engage companies with reputable landscaping services to assist you with this task. Working with professionals can be both practical and convenient. Aside from saving you time, they have the expertise and experience to identify the needs of your lawn and have the necessary tools to complete the job properly.

The general rule of thumb is to mow the grass when it has reached a height of more than two inches. Tending to the needs of your lawn regularly is certainly much more economical to your budget than spending money to repair or undo the damage in one go.


  • Select Complementing Plants


Adding pops of color to your commercial garden can help enhance its appearance. Plants are a great way to incorporate hues in your commercial space. Plants can be soothing to the eye, and being surrounded by nature can make your customers feel relaxed, reduce their stress, and improve their overall mood. For a commercial garden, you may have to replace some of your plants depending on the season.

When selecting plants, have a design concept in mind. You may take inspiration from your brand’s aesthetics. Likewise, do your research and look for plants that are suitable for your business’s location. While you may be tempted to choose whatever you desire, considering the weather conditions in your region will make a huge difference.  If you don’t have an idea of which plants to grow that can last year-round, opt for perennials and succulents. Perennial plants are non-woody species that can withstand different seasons and varying environmental threats. These commonly include but aren’t limited to coleus, peonies, black-eyed susans, daylilies, and more.  

In addition, succulents are low-maintenance and drought-resistant plants that come in an array of shapes and sizes. If you’re a business owner who’s new to gardening, succulents are the perfect plants that require minimal attention. Once you’re able to figure out the basics, these hardy plants are among the easiest and most ideal to own and plant in any region or season. 


  • Upgrade Your Irrigation System


Plants need to receive enough water to grow and thrive. With all the effort you’ve poured into materializing your commercial garden, it would be savvy to have a solid plan on how to keep them healthy and cater to their varying water requirements.

A well-planned irrigation system helps control the amount of water that goes into your plants. If you already have this system in your existing landscape, consider upgrading it. This is practical and will do wonders for your space, particularly if you own a large commercial garden. Suppose you’re growing crops, the perfect moisture level aids in their fast growth and production. 

Similarly, if your business is situated in a humid region or during periods of inadequate rain, you won’t have to worry about plants getting dried out. A dedicated irrigation system can help you prioritize your plants’ health and ensure sufficient water absorption. All these can certainly help you save time and money in the long haul. 


  • Schedule Your Garden Tasks


If you’re outsourcing help from a local gardener, discuss and consider the best time to prune, mulch, water, and plant. On the other hand, if you prefer to do these tasks alone, make sure to perform your gardening chores in harmony with nature.  For instance, if you mulch at the right season, you can make sure that your soil has the right moisture level so plants won’t dry out too soon. Mulching in the right weather conditions also helps prevent weeds in your commercial garden. 

The Benefits Of A Well-Tended Commercial Landscape

Below are some of the benefits of a well-tended commercial garden.


  • Improves Curb Appeal


Regularly maintaining the appearance of your lawn gives your business an aesthetic benefit, increasing its curb appeal. A well-maintained lawn helps businesses gradually establish a positive brand image and consumer base, as well as cultivate customer loyalty.


  • Prioritizes Safety


A well-tended lawn can also help ensure the general public’s safety. When you can keep shrubs and trees well-groomed, you can minimize the risk of injuries and certain contingencies.  This is a great initiative to show your employees that your company is concerned about their safety in the workplace, thus boosting their morale. Similarly, customers will be encouraged to opt to visit your store or business location as they feel safe on its premises. 


  • Promotes Efficiency


Looking after the state of your premises will make your life a lot easier. This can help you focus your energy and attention on leading your team members and running the business efficiently. Moreover, a well-maintained landscape reduces physical barriers that will take up time for your employees to complete tasks.  

Final Thoughts

Unless you love growing plants, maintaining a commercial garden may demand time and attention. As a business owner, you may not always have the luxury of doing the lawn mowing or changing the plants to suit the season. However, all these efforts will be worth it once customers and employees have a better impression of your business. Following these tips can make your life easier and you’ll certainly enjoy a healthy and lush garden all year round.