15 Simple Ways to Clean Green

Not all green should be allowed to grow in your home. Why? Some of it is unattractive and can be a health hazard; thus, the need to clean it. How? Using cleaning basics, air purifiers, cleaning utensils with detergents, removing mould, and mildew using essential oils, just to mention but a few. Let’s have each of these for proper commercial green cleaning and more under our microscope.

clean green

1. Use Commercial Green Cleaning Essentials

Dealing with green in the bathroom, sink, and corridors can be challenging, depending on the product you are using to clean. Hence, before buying a product, take your time to read the label to know the ingredients used to manufacture the cleaning product. Then, ascertain how effective it is.  

2. Use Essential Oils to Clean the Basement

Oils such as frankincense, Cedarwood, and cypress mixed with 1/3 cup of vinegar and ½ gallon of water.  Nonetheless, only use 10 to 15 drops of oil regardless of the one you choose to use. This mixture is useful in cleaning mold in the basement.  

3. Spray Away Aphids

Well, we are dealing with green. So, why spray away aphids? Simple. Once aphids raid your plants, they make the leaves to dry and wither. As a result, plants start growing in the unwanted sections. Alternatively, the fungus starts to find its way around that plant. Thus, dealing with aphids is equally dealing with unwanted green.

4. Brighten your Windows

Nothing feels terrible like green on your windows. Why? You have to keep lights on since green prevents light from penetrating through. Also, green can be a breeding area of insects. So, clean it by using a mixer of vinegar and water. Three cups of water will need only ¼ of vinegar. Use a newspaper to dry the windows.

5. Sodium Bicarbonate

One of the most effective ways of cleaning your oven is by use of Sodium bicarbonate. It’s simple. Sprinkle some on the inside of the oven. After that, sprinkle some water. Allow the mixture to rest for 24 hours. Then, use a soft material to clean the surface.  

6. Home-Made Detergents

Cleaning green should not cost you an arm and a leg! No, you can make it affordable by making your own green cleaning detergents. Only ensure you are using safe ingredients such as baking soda, olive oil, sodium carbonate, borax, and the like. Then, mix the right ones in the right proportions.

7. Hot Water

Any areas that water drains regularly can be a good breathing area for mould and mildew. Such include the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Another thing is cooking oil, which you pour in your kitchen sinks. To discourage the growth of green, pour boiling water on the sink before going to bed. Alternatively, pour baking soda. Next, white vinegar. Measure half a cup for both. Then, cover the sink for 12 hours.

8. Air Purifier

Instead of using air-purifying plants, why not just buy an air purifier that is ergonomic? You see, plants, while they look beautiful and attractive, can cause health respiratory ailments. It is easy to avoid them by using an air purifier. Nonetheless, not all air purifiers are safe. In addition, you can also try using an air compressor since they save more on energy costs and air audits. Just be sure to buy high-quality air compressor parts from a reputable company. 

9. Lemon Juice 

If you want to use a non-toxic product to eradicate green due to your small kids, go for lemon juice. Lemon has the ability to remove germs, stains, and bacteria. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with stubborn green, just cut a few lemons into halves. Add some salt in a container and dip the lemons there. Salt and lemon juice will effectively remove the green stain.

10. Borax

Has mould grown on your bathroom tiles? Borax is the way to go. Not only does it remove green effectively on the tiles after scrubbing, but it also leaves a shiny surface. Still, it removes stains and odours. In addition, borax, which is also known as sodium borate, works as a disinfectant as well as antifungal.

11. Club Soda 

Neglecting your bathroom is one step away from death. This mostly happens due to the growth of green, which causes you to slide. As such, it is necessary to use Club soda when scrubbing the floor; thus, leaving a smooth and shiny surface. Club soda is particularly a perfect choice for plumbing fixtures.

12. Olive Oil

There are many uses of olive oil. One of them is polishing furniture. So, how does polishing furniture help in cleaning green? It is simple; green cannot grow on furnished furniture. As a result, your furniture retains its original appearance. 

13. Cornmeal

Whenever milk, tea, wine, or any other drink spills on your carpet, there is likely hood that you might not clean it soon after. At times, the carpet might dry, and you end up forgetting that there was anything that spilled there unless it left a visible stain. As a result, mould might start growing under the carpet. To avoid this, use cornmeal to absorb spills on the carpet.

14. Tea Tree Oil

In every 2 cups of water, add 2 teaspoon of tea tree oil. Spray this mixture on any surface affected by mould. Leave the surface for a while. Next, use water to rinse it. As you rinse, the mould will be washed away. Alternatively, mix one cup of clean water with a half cup of white vinegar. Pour it on the mould affected surface and give it sometime before rinsing to wash away the mould.

15. Castile Soap

Looking for an economical way to deal with green so that you won’t have to buy a cleaning detergent for different surfaces? Castile soap is the best. Castile is actually an all-purpose cleaning detergent. So, what’s the right mixture? Half a teaspoon of washing soda into a spraying bottle. Add a drop of castile soap. Next, add extremely hot water. Seal the bottle completely before shaking the mixture so as to dissolve completely.

Cleaning green can be an uphill task depending on the cleaning detergent you choose as well as the method of cleaning. Also, the surface you are cleaning can also determine how much time you spend to have the surface entirely clean. Nonetheless, to have an easy time, choose the right cleaning detergent.