Yellow Flowering Plants For All Year Round Garden Sunshine

Yellow flowering plants are the ideal single color garden theme as they add sunshine to gardens all year round.

Summer gardens bulging with sumptuous flowers like Sunflowers and Golden Rod can lift the mood of any gardener. No matter where the garden is situated a summer mood can be created using sun-colored flowers and creating a single color theme flower garden using only yellow flowers can help create a summer mood all year round. There are yellow flowering plants, bulbs, shrubs and trees for every season but to achieve a breathtaking success start in the spring.

Yellow Flowering Plants for Spring Color


  • Crocus is a tried and trusted bulb for spring color. These delicate perennials are often clumped together in mass plantings but for a remarkable yellow crocus plant “Crocus Chrysanthus E.A. Bowles”. It grows about 7cm. high and blooms in early spring.
  • “Winter Aconite” is another early yellow perennial particularly suitable for ground cover.
  • “Hyacinth Orientalis City of Haarlem” is a true spring favorite in any full sun position. Place this hyacinth beside some seating to enjoy its exquisite scent.
  • “Broom” or “Genista Hispanica” is a golden yellow deciduous shrub ideal for full sun planting. Protect from frost.

No Spring garden can ever be complete without golden daffodils and tulips and the choice from most garden centers is endless.

Yellow Shrubs for Summer Planting

Rudbeckia Goldstrum

When the spring bulbs have started to fade the yellow shrubs of summer come into their best and suffuse the garden with sunshine. Some favorites are:

  • “Rudbeckia Goldstrum” is one of the most admired summer shrubs with its masses of golden yellow daisy-like petals and big black eyes. It is also called “Black-Eyed Susan”. It grows up to 75cm. in most soil types and it likes sunshine. For continued blooming dead-heading is a must.
  • “Yarrow” or “Achillea Coronation Gold” is a very simple plant to grow and it does well just about everywhere although at 1m. tall it is best planted at the back of a sunny border or some unconfined area of the garden.
  • “Solidago” or “Golden Rod” is a golden perennial shrub. It grows 75cm. high and it likes to spread so either contain it in a planter or plant it in an open garden. It will grow very well on a sunny balcony in a container. Cut back the spent blooms in the Fall and divide the root ball if necessary. For a more manageable plant grow “Solidago Queenie” which grows to about 30cm high.

When a summer garden has space to spare grow Sunflowers. Sunflowers or Helianthus are annual plants grown from seed. Easy to grow plants but voracious drinkers so daily watering will be essential but be careful not to over-water. Sunflowers can grow up to 2m. tall and their big golden flower heads follow the sun all day. The seeds can be collected for propagation.

Yellow Blooms for Fall and Winter Color

Chinese witch hazel

When the darker days of Fall encroach there will still be yellow blooms and stems to add some sunshine to the garden, such as:

  • Chrysanthemum plants are ideal for Fall color. There is a vast range of chrysanthemums available but for trusted yellow choose “Chrysanthemum Golden Margaret” and “Chrysanthemum Pennine Alfie”.
  • “Cornus Stolonifera Flaviramea” is an easy to grow dogwood plant with striking yellow stems in the winter. It is fully hardy and tolerates alkaline soil.
  • “Hamemelis Arnold Promise” or “Witch Hazel” makes an ideal winter focal shrub. It is deciduous and its attractive yellow flowers flourish on bare stems throughout the winter. It likes as much sun as possible and any well drained soil will be fine.

There are many shrubs for a yellow garden and growing an Allamanda for vibrant yellow flowers is always a perfect choice. It is available as a climbing vine or as a shrub. “Hypericum” or “St. John’s Wort” is another invaluable yellow blooming shrub. It blooms endlessly, grows easily and never fails to please. Single color planting can be challenging and fun and the color choice is always personal, such as pink flowering plants or red flowering plants.


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Maggie Morish September 29, 2018

I couldn’t agree more about sun-coloured flowers having that summer vibe to them. Thanks for your suggestions. Hope you have a nice weekend!

    Mabel Sander October 3, 2018

    Thanks, Maggie, I just love colorful garden. It’s so summer!

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