Watering Orchids With Ice Cubes: They Just Rest Before Re-Blooming

Some people say that the ice orchid care after flowering is dangerous, especially for orchid species from the tropics region. As has been discussed in several articles previously, the most species of orchids were coming from tropical regions with warmer and higher humidity.

Therefore if you add three ice cubes on orchids (which is about 32 degrees) can be estimated that the orchid will die within a short time later. But there are also some people who say that giving out ice on orchid treatments can stimulate the growth of those tropical flowers. Due to that controversy, we will discuss the pros and cons of ice treatments for orchids in this article.

They just sleep, not dead

Watering Orchids With Ice Cubes

“Just add ice” is one term for the type of Phalaenopsis orchids. Ice orchid care after flowering can be found on the website that discusses thoroughly orchids. Since you were growing orchids on your own, of source it will be some issues related to orchid itself such as the flowers stopped blooming after certain periods.

To make it re-flowering, you just need to let it “rest” or more commonly referred to as dormancy. Dormancy period is a hiatus period of orchids. Ice orchids require great energy to produce a great flowers so that the flowers need time to rest and recharge before re-generate new flowers with good quality.

Step to make the orchids re-blooming

To stimulate “just add ice” orchids getting re-bloom, you need to do some favor. You need to give fertilizer every week and make sure the fertilizer and water is balanced.

When night comes, you can move orchids to an area where the temperature is cooler at around 55 to 60 degrees until you see the new branch buds. After that, take to the previous location. So these all about ice orchid care after flowering.


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