Do You Know The Common Types Of Orchids?

If we talk about the hybrids and species of an Orchidthenthere exist numerous of them but if we talk about its type then actually there are only two types or categories of orchids:

1 – Terrestrial orchids

Terrestrial orchids are those which grow on the ground whereas epiphytes orchids are those which grow on poles, trees or rock.  The most widespread species of an orchid are the terrestrial orchids.

Terrestrial orchids consist of roots that develop or grow under the soil; just like other plants. Moreover, some of the terrestrial orchids have a semi-terrestrial nature. It reflects that they have dual nature i.e. aerial as well as underground roots.

Terrestrial Orchid

Cymbidium orchids contain hundreds of hybrids and 40 species and falls in the category of terrestrial orchids.  They were the first species to get cultivated.

The ideal environment for them is moist humus of decayed leaves or rotted wood. These orchids can easily be seen in the region starting from South-East Asia till Japan and in Australia.

The reason behind their popularity is that they are quite easy to cultivate which is the choice of every beginner. Moreover, if proper care is done it provides you with dazzling flowers each year.

2 – Epiphytes orchids

Cymbidium orchids

Epiphytes basically point or reflect those plants that contain roots above the soil.

The very well-known epiphytes orchids are Dendrobiums. Even though they are also relatively easy to cultivate, they are a little bit difficult to cultivate when compared to Cymbidium orchids.

Moreover, they don’t facilitate with gorgeous looking flowers each year as in case of cymbidium orchids. They have over 1000 species. They can easily be seen and are cultivated in Polynesia, Northern India, Australia and South East Asia.

Dendrobiums grow well in moist, humid and warm conditions. These flowers are mostly found at a wedding ceremony and available in multi-colors like yellow, orange and pink.

Epiphytic orchids, although, grow on other trees, they do not take their nourishment from them like parasites. They develop their own roots and take their food from bark of their hosts.

The roots help the plants to sustain themselves during dry and wet periods. The hard, fibrouscore of roots is enclosed by squishy off-white layer that absorb minerals with great ease.

On rainy reason this layer absorbs water very quickly and when it is saturated it changes its color to light green. Epiphytic orchids contain some species that even cling or grip to rocks.

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