Tree Service: Pensacola Pro’s Tips To Know If A Tree Needs Special Care

Trees are invaluable resources to the environment, offering limitless benefits such as shades and improved charm for your property. Specialized care is required to achieve the best results for your homestead. While it is not entirely given that you will get the right tree service, it will be to your advantage to seek the services of a professional tree service Pensacola company to help in handling such tasks. Though, to some extent, physical contact can get you to the right company, and sometimes a simple web search can do the trick.

Perhaps the more pressing question is how do you know a tree needs special care? Don’t worry because you are in the right place. Described below are instances when trees and shrubs may require specialized care:

Summer Mildew

During the summer, trees get powdery mildew that, if not treated on time, may lead to the plants withering or even dying. The reason behind this is because of poor air circulation and drying roots. Oaks are especially susceptible to powdery mildew.

Overgrown Trees

As a homeowner, how do you take care of overgrown trees in your compound? A tree trimming Pensacola service can offer you with specialized care in managing the trees and shrubs in your homestead, enhancing their productivity. Trimming entails removing dead branches and leaves so that new ones can grow. You should also be conscious of windy and stormy days since the after-effects of these weather conditions might necessitate the services of an arborist to help maintain the right size for your trees.

Stress Due to Drought

The period between spring and fall is characterized by extended drought, which means trees lack water and leaves start turning brown before eventually falling off. Trees are most vulnerable to diseases and annoying leaf-sucking insects during this period, and the obvious remedy is providing enough water for these trees. Young trees are usually the most in need of water. The rule of thumb is that you give out at least 10 gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter. Large trees have deep-seated roots that draw water from the soil, hence they need less maintenance.

Mulching is also essential for plants as it insulates it from harsh temperatures and unpredictable weather, preventing the tree from losing water. Consider the tree height to determine the amount of mulch it might need.

Pest and Disease Infestation

Pests can be shared between trees during changing weather patterns. As a homeowner, the best remedy is to frequently monitor your trees for unusual behavior such as variation in plant structure and fungi on leaves. The most prevalent tree diseases are rot and mildew. However, you can be aptly prepared for such pests by getting over-the-counter pesticides that are safe. 

It is also common for mice, rabbits, and even deer to eat young plants. One precautionary measure is to wrap the trunk with a rodent repellant or purchase commercial tree guards to protect the tree.

Deficiency of Nutrients

Growth management procedures are needed in this case, especially when the plant is not well suited to the existing soil. Seedlings and young transplants are the most susceptible to nutrient deficiency. The best way of handling such a situation is by having the soil tested to understand both its pH and mineral content. Armed with the proper information, you can make informed decisions on how to improve plant growth.

Weak Stems

Some trees have weak stems, which can be problematic if the tree grows longer, as in the case of passion fruit. Such stems may need staking for support to improve their growth. It is advisable that the staking limits the trunk movement. If the tree eventually grows to be firm, you can then remove the stake.

Preparing for Winter

The winter period can be particularly strenuous for plants. One of the most straightforward remedies is to cover small trees with a sheet during the first frost. Additionally, to ensure the plant does not run out of nutrients, you can add fertilizer to maintain the inflow of nutrients. You can even opt to prune trees during this time for improved growth once winter subsides. 


There are many other tree services that you might need, which include tree removal, forestry mulching, land grading, erosion control, land clearing, and pool demolition, to name a few. Despite knowing when you might need specialized tree care and tree services, it is always best to consult professionals to keep safe and avoid accidents, especially when it comes to trimming large trees.

Consider the pro tips mentioned above to keep your trees healthy, and improve the value of your home by giving your plants the utmost care.