The Basics Of Caring For Orchids

Nature needs to be nurtured much in a similar manner as we nurture our children. Just as our children require a lot of our care and patience to bloom into beautiful human beings, the lovely objects in nature also require our loving nurture and care to achieve their full blossom. It is therefore essential that we should familiarize ourselves with the guidelines to care for a plant, which we intend to plant in our gardens.

Orchids are one of the popular houseplants that require a little more care, or that is what is widely perceived, than the other houseplants. The reputation that orchids have earned of being a difficult houseplant to grow stems from the fact that orchids require a special medium to grow and it takes about four years for the plant to mature. However, caring for Orchids is not necessarily more tedious than caring for any other houseplant.

After the plant attains maturity, caring for orchids is almost as easy as caring for any other houseplant. But there are a few instructions that one must follow at the time of planting orchids in his/her garden.

Since orchids take their nutrients from the surrounding air, one must not pot orchids in the potting soil. Bark, gravel and charcoal are some of the recommended growing mediums for Orchids.

While caring for orchids, follow the watering instructions, which are different for different varieties of orchids, carefully.

Orchids flowers

Place the plant on a windowsill that gets adequate sunlight. If the sunlight is not sufficient, which may be the case in winters or in certain northern states, you must supplement the sunlight with other fluorescent lights or other sources of light.

When caring for orchids, make sure that the orchids are not getting more light than necessary. Excess of light may leave the orchid leaves sun burnt. The orchids should also get an adequate amount of fresh air. Placing the plant near an open window usually provides them with sufficient fresh air needed for proper caring of orchids.

Caring for Orchids becomes easier if you study carefully the specific requirements for your Orchids. Caring for orchids may involve different set of rules for different varieties of Orchids. So, do not rely on bookish knowledge and do what works best for your orchid.

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