Rooftop Gardening – For ‘Maniac’ Gardener Only

Do you home garden lover? Then you can use places around your home for gardening. Even you have a landless area, you can use a terrace, balcony and rooftop. Wait a minute, a rooftop? Are you serious? Of course, totally I’m serious, we can use a part or whole rooftop for gardening and it depends on rooftop situation. Rooftop gardens are more challenging since it is dealing with factors that we not found in landfill gardening or backyard gardening, like landscaping, wind, soil weight, watering, choosing right plants and etc.

Beside that rooftop gardening have some advantages like architectural enhancement, temperature control, provide food, decorative benefit, and provide habitats for wildlife.

When planning on rooftop gardening make sure you do rightly, before all, make a deal with building construction engineer before do anything. Make sure you have correct and save plan.

Rooftop Garden ideas

Consider some aspects when planning on makes rooftop garden:

Safety first. Know what can do and do not. Consider carefully construction engineer advice. Even if they do not recommend rooftop garden on your house then do it, do not impose desire upon safety. Use only rooftop gardening recommended materials, and plants. You can improve and use your creativity as long as sticky on expert advises.

Decrease soil weight. In general, annual and perennial plants will need about 12 inches from the ground to develop. Small trees and shrubs need 18 inches. And Of trees need about 2 feet. Use a container instead of mixing garden soil (which is much on), not only for the roof of the interest, but because the ground transport in the stairwells and elevators is a job.

Provide enough water. Since on the rooftop potentially have full of sun light and wind exposure, it can cause rapid evaporation on plants also It will make plant media dry quickly. Provide enough water supply is necessary especially in hot weather.

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