Organic Vegetable Gardening Can Be Done Using A Container

Having limited space in your backyard shouldn’t stop you from getting into organic vegetable gardening. This is because you can work around it by putting them into containers. Here are some of the advantages.

First, they can be brought either indoors or outdoors depending on the temperature outside.

It also serves as great decor that can be displayed in the balcony, the patio or on the kitchen table or by the windowsill.

You don’t have to buy a container to hold your vegetables because you can recycle an ice cream container or anything else in the house that you may have as long as it can hold soil and provide sufficient drainage.

These are less likely to be attacks by weeds, snails, slugs or soil borne diseases and are very easy to work with as long as you maintain the right pH levels.

You might think that cleaning the container and putting in soil from the backyard is the way to go but you are mistaken. It is better to buy premium potting mix because it is much lighter than soil and offers excellent drainage.

Given that the vegetables aren’t grown in the garden, you have to make sure that they receive the right number of nutrients. You can do this by buying organic fertilizer from the store and then following the instructions on the packaging.

container vegetable garden

Take note that putting on too much can kill what you are planting and you wouldn’t want that to happen. Also, given that there are many brands, you have to make sure that this is ideal for what you are planting.

Vegetable gardening using containers requires watering them more frequently. This is because the soil dries much quicker compared to when it is planted on the earth. Aside from water, you can also buy organic liquid fertilizers that can also be used for foliar feeding and drenching the soil.

To help you get started, here are some vegetables you can start planting in containers. These include bush beans, carrots, capsicum, eggplant, lettuce, and onions.

Just like regular vegetable gardening, these have to exposed to the sun at least 6 hours everyday. If you live where it is windy, make sure there is protection so it won’t fall off and hit the ground. You have to start somewhere so try two or three pots then add more later on.

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