How To Choose Orchid Pots

Buying orchid pots can be confusing. Sometimes it seems as if there are almost as many kind of orchid pots as there are orchids. They come in terracotta, ceramic, plastic, glass and sometimes people even build special wooden planters. The size of the orchid you wish to grow is the biggest consideration when buying orchid pots.

Most people quickly narrow down the choice to terracotta clay or plastic. These are the easiest and most available orchid pots with which to pot or repot your orchid. Plastic pots are light and often have several drainage holes which makes it easier to keep the soil well-drained. They are an especially good choice for indoor orchids. There are now clear plastic pots that let more light get to the roots, and allow you see the roots more clearly to see how root-bound the orchid may be.

Terracotta clay is another popular choice for orchid pots. Sometimes you can get them with drainage holes on the sides as well as in the bottom. If you plan on setting you orchid or orchids outside, this may be the pot for you. Because clay is heavy it has less of a chance of being blown over by the wind.

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Make sure that if you have a tall orchid plant with very long roots that you provide a pot with enough depth. Many of the spreading orchids need very deep pots or ceramic and wooden planters that can accommodate roots that can grow as long as three feet or more. You might even want to consider a glass terrarium so that the orchid can spread out more fully.

With orchids, many times the purpose of the pot is to stabilize and support the roots. That means making sure that the roots which are placed in the center of the pot, are supported by the planting mixture both front and back.

Some growers tie the plant to a piece of bark for support. Some orchids have roots that like to grow onto the bark. Many people have taken to using baskets as orchid pots. Baskets are much larger, deeper and stronger than your usual orchid pots. This makes them ideal for orchids that get very heavy and need extra support, either from root growth or a tremendous number of hanging flowers.

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Some types of orchids, such as some species of the Cattleya Orchid can grow to be extra large in a basket. Basket containers are often used for orchids with pendant-type flowers. Baskets can be made out of all types of materials, including mesh, wire, plastic or clay.

Remember that some orchids like to be root bound and need to be in order to produce flowers. That means you should do some research on particular types of orchids before buying orchid pots and planting or replanting.


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