How To Install Sprinkler System

If you want to be able to keep your grass looking healthy and green all year round but you still want to be able to leave your home on extended vacations, then you will certainly need to install sprinklers for your home’s landscaping. While old-style sprinklers were only designed for use on grass and other plants that could stand a lot of abuse, you can now find sprinklers in all shapes and sizes that are perfect for everything from watering your trees to watering the most fragile flowers you can imagine.

Even with no experience whatsoever when it comes to designing a sprinkler system, you can create your own sprinkler array in no time so long as you know how to shovel dirt. Obviously, installing a lawn sprinkler system will be easier if you have experience with plumbing and all of your grass has not been laid, but even if you are a complete novice and have already laid your grass, you can still create a professional quality sprinkler array in a few short hours.

When installing a garden sprinkler system, the first things that you will want to figure out is what areas of your property you want to water and where that water will come from. For most of us, watering a patch of grass with water from the main water line that runs near our house will be the solution; however, if you live in an area that is surrounded with wide open spaces and has a small body of water on the property, you will need something with a little more oomph. Living out in the countryside has its advantages though, as you will not have to pay for water usage if you have a small pond and a lawn sprinkler pump to draw the water with. This can help you save money in the long run because you only have to buy the pump and you never have to pay a monthly fee for the water consumption.

Once you have determined roughly how much land your sprinkler system will need to cover, you should head to your local hardware store to buy the parts. First on your list should be a lawn sprinkler timer so that you can easily set the times in which your sprinkler system activates. This can allow you to run your sprinklers at night and when you are on vacation, meaning that you do not have to constantly worry about watering your lawn manually. Next, you must decide what type of sprinkler you want to use. Most commonly, you will have a choice between a copper sprinkler and a plastic sprinkler. Both varieties are well built and will last you for a long time, so if you do not feel like the extra money, go for the plastic parts.

Install Sprinklers

The most common type of sprinkler you will probably see when you are looking for your own parts is the pop up lawn sprinkler. These tuck away underneath the grass when they are not in use. Alternatively though, you can purchase an orbit sprinkler or a tripod sprinkler with your own sprinkler head so that you can completely control the amount of water you are distributing to your outdoor flora. However, these freestanding sprinklers can be exposed to both the elements and to vandals who may wish to steal your sprinklers right out of your yard.

After all is said and done, and you have decided on the perfect sprinklers for your home, be sure and purchase some spare parts so you can do a little home lawn sprinkler repair if ever anything breaks. That way you will not have to run back to the hardware store at a moment’s notice just for a leak or a busted sprinkler head.

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