Things That Should Be On The List Of Your Garden Supply

Knowing the exact tool you should use makes a big difference in doing your gardening work. A garden tool is any tool used for/in gardening work.

You may spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s the perfect tool should you use in doing and undoing things in your backyard. You can avoid the stress by choosing simply by learning the basic functions of the tools used in your gardening needs. Here is the list of some tools that are essentially used in gardening and the basic knowledge you need to learn about them.

A tool can be any device that can be used in achieving a goal. This may be an instrument, utensil, machine, or apparatus. Equipment, however, is how you would call a set of tools needed in achieving a goal.

A hand tool can be any tool powered only by hands rather than an engine. This has been used by human since the Stone Age when stones were still used by ancestors in hammering or cutting. As the knowledge of human progress, various garden hand tools have been improved to make an even promising performance in its function.

Hammer – is a hand-held tool used for delivering a sudden blow or impact in an object most commonly known for driving nails, fitting parts, forging metals and breaking apart objects. Shapes, size, and structure may vary depending on the use. Usually has a shaped metal in the opposite sides.

Wrench – also known as a spanner, this tool is used for gripping and especially with turning capacities such as rotary fasteners like nuts and bolts.

Open-End Wrench – the most common type of wrench with a U-shaped double-ended opening that would grip two opposite faces of a nut or bolt

Box-End Wrench – also known as ring spanner with an enclosed opening that would grip the faces of a bolt or nut

Pliers – a tool designed for holding objects firmly but is also useful in bending and compressing materials.

Knife – a tool used for cutting with a cutting edge or a blade with the blade being made from various materials with which have advantages and disadvantages.

Machete – a large and heavy knife used in cutting thick vegetation like sugar canes or even jungle growth

Screwdriver – a tool used for turning screws that has a handle and a shaft with the tip being inserted into the screw head for turning.

Blade-Type Screwdriver – one of the most common types of the driver that drives flat bladed screws. The size of the driver may vary depending on the size of the screws.

Phillips – most commonly known as star screw that drives cross bladed screws. Sizes may vary also.

Snips – also known as shears, this tool is used in cutting sheet metals with two broad categories: tinner’s snips and compound-action snips.

Tinner’s Snips – similar to common scissors having a long handle and short blades

Compound-Action Snips – also known as aviation snips designed to cut aluminum especially in constructing of aircraft

Cultivator – a gardening power tool used in tilling soil using shanks in piercing the soil as they’re being dragged to it. This can stir and pulverize the soil before and after planting. While types of machinery have been vastly used, hand cultivator is also available in the market.

Draw Hoe – a long-handled garden tool that is used for weeding that uses a chopping action that would draw up soil around the plants.

Garden Fork – a long-handled garden tool fork that has 4-5 rounded prongs or tines that is used in digging soil if it gets difficult to use a spade.

Rake – a long-handled garden tool that can create a fine tilth for your desired garden bed and helpful in leveling out the soil gathering up the surface stones.

Spade – a long-handled garden tool that is traditionally used for digging and shoveling soil or compost that is available in a variety of sizes

Lawn Mower – a machine lawn gardening tool used for mowing lawns to an even height that uses one or more revolving blades

Gasoline – mowers powered by gasoline with an engine that usually has four-stroke that is used for greater torque

Electricity – electric-powered mowers, gives just the same service with gasoline-generated mowers but works more quietly.

String Trimmer – also known as weed-whacker or a weed eater, a gardening tool used for cutting grass and other plants using a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade.

Irrigation Sprinklers – widely used in sandy areas as sprinkles provide irrigation and is also helpful in controlling airborne dust by spraying water in the air through sprinklers that could break up water into small drops.

Hedge Trimmer – also known as shrub trimmer or bush trimmer used for cutting hedges and shrub that is available in both manual and powered versions.

Wheelbarrow– handheld garden tool storage used in transferring soil with a wheel in the front and a handle for handling.

Dibber – a handheld garden tool used for making holes or seed drills for putting off seeds in the soil and can be available in plastic, wood or metal.

Grow Bag Supports – a bag used for supporting taller plants grown.

Propagator – used for sowing seedlings and can be available in electric versions.

Seed Trays – plastic trays that are used as containers for seedlings before planting them out

Watering Can – water containers with sprinkles used for watering plants especially those smaller ones.

Footwear – preferably garden boots used for securing feet while gardening.

Aprons and Gloves – aprons are used for clothing protection while gloves are for hand protection.

Above all, gardening tool list may vary depending on the depth of the work. A list may not be important but the quality of the product that you have. Quality tools would make a large difference in working in a garden. Remember that ergonomics are considered while using these modern tools. Proper neutral position can lessen stress on joints and muscles.


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