Garden Ferns: How To Care For Fern Plants

The Prehistoric Fern is Still a Beautiful Plant that Will Look Great in Most Landscapes

Having populated the earth when the dinosaurs still roamed, the fern plant has certainly been on this planet longer than most other life forms that live amongst us.

Perhaps its length of stay on this world is due to its resilience against nearly all forces of nature or perhaps it is due to the fact that not too many animals make ferns a focus of their daily meals.

Nonetheless, the fern holds a special place in the hearts of people all over the world thanks to their characteristic looks, giving rise to such products as the fern print which makes for great wall decoration.

Tropical ferns can be found in nearly every tropical climate in all shapes and forms, deeply ingraining them in modern society all over the world.

How To Care For Fern Plants

Simple principles of fern care can be carried over to each and every fern you wish to purchase. Whether you want to invest in maidenhair fern or a sword fern for your landscaping job, you should remember several things when taking care of your plants.

Firstly, since ferns are so hearty they generally do not need as much love and care as other plants of the same size. You can literally grow ferns in every environment in the world – from deserts to tropical locations to the tundra, so do not worry about accidentally killing off your plant.

When it comes to watering, you should water a plant like the Japanese painted fern or the air fern often, but not to the point where you are over-watering it. Most ferns die simply because their owner poured too much water on them over too long of a period.

After watering, you will want to consider fertilization. If you plant a fern like the bird next fern or the fiddlehead fern in a soil that is already rich in nutrients, you will not need to add any fertilizer whatsoever.

To make the plant grow quickly you can add a small amount, but it is not generally recommended. Alternatively, if your soil is rocky, dry and difficult to grow other plants in, then fertilizer is definitely recommended for your fern’s optimal growth.

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