How To Force Spring Bulbs

It usually take 8 – 15 weeks to force a Bulb. The Bulbs will need to be put in a Cold Place for 10 – 12 weeks The temperature should be between 35 – 45 degrees.

Some people use the refrigerator. Place the Bulbs in the Veggie Drawer. Keep them away from Fruit, especially Apples.

You can use an unheated Garage. The Cold trickes the Bulbs into thinking it’s winter.

Fill pots with Light Potting Mix. Do Not use soil from the Garden. Plant Bulbs, with the Pointy Tips sticking out of the Soil.

Forcing Spring Bulbs

Keep the soil moist, Not Wet. Move Potted Bulbs into a warm room. When Flower Buds form, keep them out of direct sun to make the blooms last longer.

After they are done blooming, move the plants, in the pot outside to be planted in the fall.

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