February – What A Great Time To Garden

No more Winter Blues for you! I’m gonna keep you real busy. Hope you are ready to write. Let’s get started.

Now that you have your Seed Catalog, decide if you are planning a Veggie Garden, a Flower Garden, or Both. Don’t go crazy and buy out the store. You don’t want to end up with 300 Tomato Plants like you know who!

Make the plan for the Gardens. Lay it out on graph paper. Don’t forget to see how big these plants get.

Place your Seed Order.

Don’ t forget to go outside and feed the Birds. They’re out there waiting and counting on you.

When you come back in, go and check those neglected House Plants. You forgot about them, didn’t you? It wouldn’t hurt to Re-pot them. They just might enjoy a little fertilizer, and check under those leave for little Crawly Pest.

Next time your out shopping at one of Those Big Box Store, Buy a Hyacinth Bulb put it into a 4″ pot to force it to Bloom. (directions for that in my next Post). In the Spring Move the Plants outdoors for planting in the Fall.

Next, when the Snow Finally Melts, make a trip outside and start Cleaning Up That Messy Yard! All those Sticks all over, it’s embarrassing!

best time to start garden

While you’re out there, you might want to pull out some of those weeds. Its a lot easier to pull when the Ground is Soaking Wet. Don’t forget your Rubbers!

Now would be a good time to go get those Black Planting Trays to Start Your Seeds. You will need some soilless mix to plant them in. I’ll tell you about that stuff in my next Post along with the Hyacinth Bulb. You know I’m going to be up all night Writing.

In the early Spring, you can cut back the grasses to about 6 inches. This is best to do it before they send up new shoots.

Early Spring is a good time to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs.

After the last Frost, it will be safe to plant the Cold Tolerant Spring Veggie Seeds. (Carrots, Peas) They really like that Cool Air. As a Matter of Fact, so do I! I get so hot sometimes I have to carry a rag with me. You might want to try that if you’re hot-blooded like me.

Don’t forget to plant some of those Sweet Peas, they’ll return year after year.

I like to Prune my Roses in the Spring instead of the Fall. That way they are not open to the Weather.

You could even go shopping for outdoor Furniture if you need it. They really like to put it out early.

If you have Chickens, now’s a good time to spread Chicken Manure. That way it won’t be “Hot” when it comes to planting time. Chicken Manure is great for Roses.

Did I keep you busy? Don’t sit down and get comfortable yet you’re lots of work left to do. So, I’ll see you next time. Don’t forget your paper and pencil!

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