Epidendrum Orchid – How To Grow Epidendrum Orchids

Epidendrum Orchids are mainly found in South America, Central America, Mexico, Florida, and the Caribbean. They can survive easily both at sea level in Hawaii and the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains. They also live happily in damp tropical regions.

Epidendrum species of Orchids differ from truly epiphytic to rarely terrestrial. Few of them are lithophytes. But all of these species have slender, simple, or branched stems with leaves at distances throughout their whole length.

There are almost more than 1000 different kinds of Epidendrum Orchids. Some of them have pseudobulbs, while others have reed-like stems; several of them vary from miniature to small, while others differ from medium to large. Its blooms also vary in size from a quarter of an inch to six inches.

Some of the popular species and hybrids of Epidendrum Orchids are Epidendrum Cilare, Epidendrum Costa Rica, Epidendrum Ilense, Epidendrum Hokulea, and Epidendrum Plastic Doll.

Epidendrum Orchid

A number of Epidendrum Orchid species have fragrant flowers that bloom from summer to autumn. Some of the species are almost ever blossoming. These flowers come in variety of colors like shades of white to pink, purple to red, or yellow to orange, brown, green etc. some of them are bi-colored, dotted, or mottled.

Epidendrum Orchids also bear distinctive Orchid pods. These pods have numerous dust-like seeds.

Epidendrum Orchid Growing Tips

Epidendrums are among the easiest of Orchid plants to cultivate. A plastic or clay pot can be used to grow them. But the best container for them is clay Orchid pots because in plastic pots, water does not evaporate as quickly as in clay pots. Usually these Orchids can grow well in any medium if the potting mix allows good drainage.

Fir bark with any mixture of coarse lava rocks, river rocks, charcoal, tree fern, moss, coconut husks, gravel, or pieces of broken pottery is thought to be the best media for the proper and healthy growth of the plant. This media allows the roots to be wet, but after that dry fast.

Epidendrum Orchids like to be in temperatures between intermediate to warm. Normally the suitable temperature ranges from 50 – 85 F.

These plants need to provide with sufficient amount of water especially in summer season. Make sure that the roots are moist and not water-logged. Generally, they need to give water once or twice a week in winter season, however water them at least three times a week in hot climate conditions.

Adequate sunlight is vital for their healthy and vigorous growth. The most perfect place for these Orchid plants is the east facing area where morning sunlight will reach the plant and the hot afternoon sun will not be able to shine over it.

Epidendrum Orchids can grow to the height from 6 inches to 6 feet. Therefore, they are best for outdoor, garden, or greenhouse environments.

Whatsoever type of Epidendrum Orchid you select to grow, following the tips discussed in this article will make it easy for you to get the maximum pleasure from these attractive Orchids.


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