5 Daily Gardening Tools That Every Gardener Must Have

Successful gardening boils down to proper soil maintenance, plenty of watering, and nutrient feeding. None of these can be accomplished without having the right gardening tools. If you are like me then your garage is probably stocked with hundreds of different gardening tools, some new and some old. However, there are always that same handful of items that I never go a day without using. Below are a few examples:

#1. Scissors

A pair of scissors should be at the forefront of your daily maintenance tools. If you do not have a pair yet then there is no need to go and buy anything real fancy. A lightweight pair of aluminum scissors that you can buy in any household item store will do just fine. You will use your gardening scissors to cut foliage and small stems. If you need to cut larger items (and you will) then pruning shears, which are listed next, will be another daily gardening tool you will stock.

#2. Pruning shears

Gardening Tools

There are many types of pruning shears available, dozens really, so be sure to try out a few different pairs before you decide on stocking your inventory with one. It is also recommended that you try to shop for “bypass” pruning shears. This type will make a much cleaner cut than its rival: the “anvil” pruning shears.

Of course my choice is opinion based and you should test to see which works best for you. Unlike scissors, do not be afraid to pay a little extra when it comes to getting a dependable pair of pruning shears. They can be quite expensive but in the end it’s worth it. I’ve had my pair cutting strong for almost 4 years now and it’s been the best money I’ve spent as far as daily gardening tools are concerned.

#3. Hand held watering bucket

As the name says, this is just a small watering can that you can carry by hand. Every gardener must spot-water now and again and there is nothing more handy than a nice watering pitcher.

#4. Garden spade and/or shovel

gardening tools

Whenever you need to dig small holes in the soil, a shovel or garden spade will be needed. There are different variations here and you will have a different preference than other gardeners. I prefer using a round nosed shovel, while you may like to use the flat ended spade. If you are new to gardening then try both out for a while to see which one suits you best.

#5. Hand trowel

This is the tool that you will use more than any other in your garden. With its similar appearance to a small shovel, a hand trowel is used to transplant bulbs and other small flowers. It comes in two different sizes, the larger which is made for digging, and the smaller size which is designed for weeding. Just like pruning shears, it never hurts to spend a little more money for quality.

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