Convert Your Garden And Patio Like A Professional

Rather than spending lots of money hiring a professional landscaper, you can convert your garden and patio into a fabulous work of art on your own by doing it yourself.

In just a few simple stages you can save money and landscape your property without the high cost of a landscaper.

Shape It Up

Begin by cleaning up your garden. Get rid of old pots and planters, dead plants, weeds, and overgrown brush. Create a distinctive boundary in your yard.

Shape the edges of existent flower beds by trimming away all overgrown grass, weeds, and plants. Just this simple cleanup will allow some flowers room to breathe and possibly rejuvenate.

After cleaning the area, lay a weed control mesh around the flower bed, then use mulch or pieces of gardening bark to decorate the areas around the flower beds. This will create a nice ambiance and protect your flowers from nasty weeds that drain flowers of its nutrients.

Hide The Dreadful

Hide or conceal walls or fences surrounding the garden bed that will distract from the beauty of your garden. There are many options, such as trellises, or a simple painting to renew the beauty of the fence or wall.

Don’t Be Afraid To Paint

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You don’t need to spend additional monies on upgrading your used patio furniture. Just get a fresh can of paint to liven up your old furniture. If the furniture is peeling, you may want to sand it down a bit before painting.

The paint does not have to match the original color of your furniture – brighten it up with something new. You can even correlate the color schemes of your flower pots to your patio furniture, creating a nice fashionable area.

You can also liven up the patio walls and floor with a stain or paint, preferably something that matches the whole color scheme that you are trying to achieve.

Creating Shade And Seats

Original seating and new shade can entice your garden and patio into a nice and relaxing get away right at home. A simple large stone or block of wood can be painted and molded into a nice garden seat.

A simple get away at no extra charge. Planting trees for additional shade, or using a canopy, which you can create yourself, over a portion of your patio, surrounded by the beauty of your garden can add so much to your landscaped yard.

Welcoming Of Additional Plants

Consider purchasing some new plants to add to your yard. You can use these plants as borders alongside your driveway, or sides of your yard. This adds a nice extra flare to your entire yard’s features.

You can purchase green plants or plants with bright flowers that have been pre-potted for instant landscaping, or you can plant your own if you have the patience to watch them blossom and transform your yard. Potted plants and seeds can easily be found at your local gardening center to entice your creativity.

You can also take the pre-potted plants and transport it to a beautifully decorated pot that can be placed in specific areas of your patio. Ensure that you check with your gardening shop as to what plants work best as potted plants, and what works best as landscaping plants.

Add A Planter Or Three

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Both tubs and fancy planters can be used to compliment a patio or surrounding walls of your flower bed. There are many different styles of planters that can be hung on walls and fences, rather than just placed around your patio.

Move Indoor Items Outside

As the weather brightens with the shining sun, be adventurous and take some indoor furniture to your outside patio. You can also add some outdoor weather-proof pillows and decorative seat cushions to your patio furniture to add something different as the seasons change.

Some indoor plants can also be moved outside when the weather is warmer, adding a new flare to your landscaping without spending more money. Fashion your patio with the seasons.

Spruce it up during the summer when you will be spending more time outdoors than indoors. Make your patio a relaxing extension to your home as you enjoy your landscaped yard. Make it your own haven.

Inclusion Of Light

Darkness is dreary and depressing. Add as much light as possible to your patio area. At night add some outdoor candles and outdoor lanterns. Some lanterns can be strategically hung around your patio, creating a different feeling for the night.

Using your patio at night will take on a different feel, in comparison to using it during the day.

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