Characteristics Of A Good Feng Shui Garden Landscape Design

The garden is probably the only spot in the house which is the closest we can get to nature. This is where all the green and color come together, making it a feast for the senses. However, the garden is more connected to us or nature than we think. According to feng shui, garden landscape design or simply the way our garden looks or is arranged affects a person’s life in such a way that it radiates “chi”?- an energy that is beneficial for harmony and balance.

What we have to remember here is that arranging or designing our garden doesn’t only mean that we have to make it beautiful – or just plain presentable. It takes getting in touch with nature, because the best feng shui garden landscape design is one that is closely in tuned with the natural flow of the elements of nature as shown in it’s top characteristics:

A feng shui garden has order

Everything has a place. Feng shui follows order in such a way that each spot in your garden, as well as every single thing you put or plant in it, is important because it has a role in feng shui. Each of them are said to correspond to the five elements: water, earth, wood, fire and metal.

Clutter is one of the main things that feng shui gardens must avoid since it only inhibits the flow of chi around the place. Nothing is placed in the garden without a purpose. Flowers, trees and other items made of wood are used to balanced out the earthiness of the place. Each of them also brings with them positive chi which can either help you in improving your relationships, career or bring you good fortune.Landscape garden water fountains and ponds are not just put there for design, but they provide a water element – which, because of its flowing characteristic, can symbolize abundance, wealth and most times good health as well.

A feng shui garden has a good play of colors

Feng Shui Garden Landscape Design

But this doesn’t mean that we should just mix every color up in our garden since too much color can also be a bad thing. According to the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, too much variety in color is actually blinding.

In feng shui, the five elements fall under different color spectrums. The wood element falls under hues of green or blue, while the fire element is obviously red in color. Yellow and orange bring about the earth element while shades of white and silver, blue and black corresponds to the metal and water elements respectively.

Warm colors like shades of red and yellows can provide a boost of energy while purples or whites induce a soothing feeling. Gold is another good color to add into your little garden. When planted in the center, north, northeast or southwest of your garden, it can bring you luck in your career and relationships.


Feng shui gardens need to exhibit life which signals a good flow of chi. Dead or decaying plants should be removed and no spot in the garden must be left dark. This disturbs the flow of chi which can be bad for you. Invest in a good landscape lighting layout and always keep everything in your garden alive.

These characteristics set the feng shui garden apart from other gardens. More than being a feast for the eyes, a feng shui garden landscape design appeals to all the senses, bringing a positive vibe that can improve a person’s life.

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