Benefits Of Having The Proper Irrigation System In Your Garden

Two common mistakes that gardener’s make is not watering enough or watering too little too often. This encourages roots to stay on the top layer of soil instead of going deep to where the water is stored. When these gardeners go on vacation, they are surprised to find that their grass has browned, all in a week, and they may not get the connection between drought stress and the fact that their shrublets succumb to root weevil or die in the freeze.

Deep, infrequent watering encourages deep root systems on grass and on all your shrubs and trees. If you start early in the year and water your lawn for an hour or two once a week, it will be able to take it when you go away for your summer vacation.

The advantage of having an automatic irrigation system: Another error occurs when people try to save money by not having automatic irrigation systems. Automatic irrigation system is very reliable because they can water at night or early morning. In addition, automatic systems make for low maintenance and save money in plant replacement costs if they are properly run.

When you put in a new automatic system, pay the extra costs for durable materials. Be sure every inch of your yard is covered even if there is no plant to water there now – you may wish to put one in there later. When digging to put in irrigation, avoid cutting off all your tree’s roots on the trenched side. You will kill it. Where necessary, it is possible to dig or auger straight under the tree roots near the trunk to avoid cutting them. There are even auger bits that will go through solid rock. An old-fashioned way is to drive the irrigation pipe under tree roots with a sledgehammer.

irrigation system benefits

One more thing to keep in mind about your irrigation system is to have your shrub beds and lawn on different control stations. This allows you to turn off your shrub sprinkler so it won’t wash off your roundup, or to conserve water by shutting down your lawn sprinklers if there is a water crisis. If you are installing an irrigation system, put your hand-turned water spigot up high enough to get a bucket under it. When you plant your yard, the temptation is to hide the spigot with a shrub directly in front, which is not recommended. You want to have easy access to your spigot. A thorny shrub, like barberry or pyracantha, is to be especially avoided.

An automatic irrigation system comes with a controller box, which you or your irrigationist will set or program to come on at certain days and times. Some are very simple to use, almost like kitchen timers, while others are the more intimidating push-button types. You may choose to put a little map of which stations are where inside the controller box lid, and perhaps some instructions. Or maybe you just want to memorize where the “off switch is and then write in the phone number of your irrigationist.

Semi automatic irrigation: Semi-automatic systems are those old-fashioned ones that turn on with a key that looks like a forked stick. Unlike automatic systems, you will have to be at home to activate it and you must remember to do it.

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