Benefits Of Growing Fruit Trees In Your Yard

One of the best ways you can decorate your home is by adding fruit trees around your yard. You get the benefits of a tree, such as height and shade, along with beautiful flowers and seasonal fruits.

With your own trees, you will see that the fruits you gather are of a higher quality and better taste than the same fruit you would find at your local grocery store. There is just something about homegrown fruits that people around the world find delectable.

No matter which fruit tree you decide to grow, be sure to visit a tree nursery before you make your final decision so you know exactly how well your favorite tree will grow in your climate region.

Not all fruit trees produce fruits that are fit for human consumption. One example of this is the Bradford Pear tree. This tree is perfect for feeding birds and other animals, but as far as humans are concerned, the fruits are purely ornamental.

growing fruit trees

The same can be said for the tea tree, an interesting tree that produces inedible seedpods but does not actually produce anything remotely tea flavored.

Other examples of trees which produce inedible fruits are the mesquite tree and the ficus tree. If you want to feed any local fauna, then you should consider purchasing any of those trees. Also, while not really a fruit tree, a bonsai tree is a great decorative item for inside of your home.

There are those of us who would like to eat our own fruits though, and there are certainly plenty of trees that can satisfy that need.

Cherry trees are a classic variety of tree that is perfect in nearly any climate. The flowers a cherry tree produces are simply wonderful and the fruits can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. Alternatively, you can grow your own nuts from trees like the pecan tree or the walnut tree.

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