Bamboo Plants For Home Gardening

Bamboo plant is a grass family plant. There are so many different kinds of bamboo plants, at least more than 400 types of bamboo are easily found in United States.

Bamboo plants can grow with range in height from few meters to over 30 meters and range in size from inches to over 10 inches. Bamboo plants are one of the most useful plants in the world.

Bamboo plants can used as food source, animal fodder, building material, furniture, musical instruments and ornamental. They are recognizable by their nodes, joint between the hollow segments of the branch.

Bamboo plants are regenerated by sexually and asexually. They can reproduce sexually by seeds producing, but this is rare things, sometimes only once every 50 to 100 years.

Asexually reproduction is common in bamboo plants. They produce rhizome – A horizontal underground stem that is distinguished from the root by the presence of nodes or scale- to reproduce themselves.

Bamboo Plants For Home Gardening

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Many gardeners are worry to cultivate bamboo plant in their home garden. We have all heard about bamboo running unrestrained.

They grow rapidly and spread everywhere at garden and dominate all area by themselves. But we have also seen a lot of magazines even at some local nurseries; they are exhibiting gorgeous kind of bamboo plants which would look amazing in home garden.

In order to get the beauty and wonderful of bamboo plant in garden, should we take the risk?

Nowdays so many reputable bamboo plant dealers who are sell clumping species of bamboo, which targeted for growing in certain area. If you deign, also the bamboo can be grown in container. It will be more controllable.

For you who stiff to cultivate bamboo in your garden, you can control the growing with annual root pruning. Also, barrier in the ground by 30 inch deep HDPE (High Density Polyethilene) can be used for rhizome control.

Suggested Bamboo Plant Varieties

Not all of bamboo plant best for home gardening, here is the four suggested:

Fargesia nitida or Great Wall in common name. Extremely cold hardy. The emerging culms are covered in bluish-white powder and don’t leaf out until the following spring.

Fargesia murieliae or New Umbrella. Makes a beautiful specimen or screen.

Pleioblastus fortunei or little zebra. Have green and white striped leaves. Can also grown successfully in container and indoor.

Phyllostachys nigra or Black Bamboo. New clumps start out green and turn black in the sun.

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