Advantages And Disadvantages Of Raised Vegetable Beds

What are raised vegetable beds? These are the gardens that are constructed or made on the top of the ground or earth. It may be made up of stone walls or brick walls or wood walls or by piling the soil, some inches tall on a surface of the ground. It is also known as an herb garden or flower garden. Raised vegetable gardens can be of any shape and size but remember that your hand must be able to reach the complete surface of your raised vegetable gardens from its side without walking on it. In Raised vegetable gardens, you may use your native soil or you may purchase soil and or fertilizer for it.

Advantages Of Raised Vegetables Beds

Raised Vegetable Beds

They give a larger amount of crop in a small area, so it is beneficial for a small space.

They require less light and space for planting that reduces the weeding task.

Because of closer planting the soil loses less moisture.

Some extra soil is used on the top of your garden for making raised vegetable gardens that mean you may build your raised garden anywhere the main soil of your garden will not create a problem in planting.

In spring the raised gardens start warming earlier and provide a good time to start seedlings.

The maintenance of raised vegetable gardens may be done in smaller and easier segments.

Because of the narrow size, it reduces the soil compaction.

They consume less water.

Great for all age groups and beginners and experts alike

Disadvantage Of Raised Vegetable Beds

Raised Vegetable Beds

The plants grow very closely in such gardens; therefore you must have knowledge regarding the height of the taller plants so they don’t shade the shorter plants.

You may have to complete the whole process of weeding by hand.

The cost of Raised vegetable gardens is more than the cost of a conventional garden.

In hottest areas or in mid-summer months, the soil may dry and requires frequent watering.

To build raised vegetable beds you should have at least the space measuring 8’x10’. Before getting started mid-summer you may need a perfect location, where the sunlight comes thoroughly, which is best for your planting. Remember one thing, at first try vegetables which are easy to grow but make sure as you gain experience to focus on what you and your family like to eat. This will make the experience very enjoyable and reward at harvest. You may also find some plans for raised vegetable beds on the internet.

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